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Servco Industries

Web Site: https://www.ServcoInd.com
Address: 1315 Blondell Avenue
City: Bronx
State: New York
Zip: 10461
Contact Charles Cestaro
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: 718-409-2310 x22

About Servco Industries

Servco Industries was formed by Charles Cestaro and has grown to be a leading company in the field of office cleaning and general building maintenance for the past 40 years. Servco Industries has aggressively searched for new and innovative ways to improve what once was a non-sophisticated industry. What once was not achievable or only capable with extensive man hours is now done faster and better than ever. Thanks to the introduction of state of the art floor care equipment such as propane buffing machines, ride on scrubbers and advance training methods the productivity has greatly increased, while reducing employee fatigue. We proudly service the entire New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Westchester areas. Isn't it time you stopped worrying and let Servco handle your maintenance needs? For 40 years we have been here. That in itself tells the story. Knowledge, reliability and history are the Servco story. We are everything you need in a cleaning service & more!



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