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East County Cleaning Services

Web Site: http://www.eastcountycleaningservices.com/
Address: 1275 N 2nd St
City: El Cajon, Ca
State: California
Zip: 92021
Contact Carlos Andrade
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: (619) 312-6078

About East County Cleaning Services

El Cajon Cleaning Services offers a variety of services that include janitorial, commercial , house, spring , business, and deep residential cleaning. We provide services to both residents and business in the San Diego and all the El Cajon. Our home services include apartment, home, townhome, and condo Our team of professional technicians provide attention to detail services to our valued clients. Our main goal is to provide the best cleaning in San Diego. Our rates for both house cleaning and office cleaning are set at the fair market price so you will never be surprised. We also provide cleaning for hotels, motels and rental homes. Whether you need a cleaning lady, cleaning man, a clean house, office cleaner, maids, industrial cleaning, or house cleaners, our company will provide a trained technician who will take care of you home. Our team of experts accept any job and we are committed to making our company the best experience in San Diego. We also provide services to business that include, office, business, industrial, and commercial cleaning. We are local resident of the east county and we take pride in hiring local residents only. We are not a company that sub contracts our jobs. We control our operation locally and not from some other part of the United States like some companies do. We believe in building strong relationships within our local community and helping small business grow wile providing top rated services.



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