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Bugajewski Facility Services

Web Site: http://www.bugajewski.com/
Address: 1432 Easton Road, Suite 3D
City: Warrington
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 18976
Contact Benedict Bugajewski
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: 215-491-3092

About Bugajewski Facility Services

Bugajewski Facility Services provides detailed cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and retail marketplace. Direct employees who are trained to provide detailed restroom and floor cleaning services.


What is the definition of a clean restroom, scientifically speaking?

A clean restroom is a neat, orderly and healthy environment where harmful microorganisms are under control and the room is free of unwanted substances, pollutants, residues and odors.Cleaning is an activity, a process and a form of management. For instance, cleaning a restroom includes the activity of trash removal, the process of orderly filling dispensers and management of the cleaning process including the sequence of tasks. Clean restrooms don�t just happen by accident. It takes good planning and management to provide safe, clean and healthy restroom facilities.

What are the ten most frequently neglected surfaces or fixtures when cleaning the restroom?

Answer:The most frequently neglected areas during restroom cleaning are listed below.

1.Inside the door to the toilet stalls

2.Under lip of the toilet and urinal

3.Ceiling vents

4.Floor drains

5.High ledges

6.Light fixtures

7.Door knobs and handles

8.Plumbing fixtures to sinks, toilets and urinals

9.Underneath the faucet

10.Difficult to reach corners of floors and walls

Restrooms may account for only five percent of total building space, but they carry nearly 40 percent of the soil load and receive almost 50 percent of the building service complaints.



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