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Floor Restoration Service

Web Site: http://www.frsnc.com
Address: 250 Nebbs Trail
City: Mocksville
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27028
Contact Chuck Vaughn
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: (336) 529-4505

About Floor Restoration Service

At Floor Restoration Services, Inc., our business is to make your floors look as new as the day they were installed. Your floors are our business.


Are you waiting for excellent carpet or hardwood floor cleaning services in the Winston-Salem, NC area? Give Floor Restoration Services, Inc. a phone call as soon as possible. Our team has a reputation for superb work and flawless customer service.
Floor Restoration Services, Inc. is a local company that offers much more than just floor restoration work. We happily provide customers with hardwood floor cleaning, power washing, grout cleaning, tile cleaning and carpet cleaning specialties. Do you want your living room carpeting to be smooth and fresh again? Do you want the exterior of your home to look bright and enticing as can be? We can help you achieve any and all of your cleaning goals.


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