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Global Cleaning Services

Web Site: http://www.GCS-global-cleaning-services.com
Address: 2055 W riverside st
City: Chandler
State: Arizona
Zip: 85248
Contact Hank Tatro
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: 480-352-1212

About Global Cleaning Services

GCS Global Cleaning Services we have over twenty five years of experience in our organization, we provided a wide range of custodial services to Health Care Facilities, Educational Institutions, Research Laboratories and Office and Technology Facilities.GCS also specializes in providing custodial services for Special Events. GCS uses Green Cleaning Chemicals and concentrated cleaning agents. Green Cleaning uses a combination of products, practices and equipment that cleans effectively while protecting both the environment and the health of those in the environment. We develop a means to keep our cleaning supplies on the site, which leads to less shipping and a reduced carbon footprint. A&E follows the Green Seal's Schedule 37 for industrial and institutional cleaners. We train our employees on the new cleaning agents and encourage the use of low impact detergents including hand soap, dish soap and laundry soap. All in all, GCS is an environmentally concerned janitorial business. Our goal is to provide a cleaning service that protects both the health of our clients and our employees: all without harming the environment. At A&E, we require our vendors to demonstrate similar environmental commitments. We believe in ethical applications of sustainable practices in everything that we do



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