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DanGelvi Cleaning Services

Web Site: http://www.dangelvicleaning.com
Address: 10826 63rd avenue, 1st Floor
City: Forest Hills
State: New York
Zip: 11375
Contact DanGelvi
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: 3476520797

About DanGelvi Cleaning Services

DanGelvi Cleaning Services, is a professional company offering the highest standards of cleaning services in the surrounding area of New York and New Jersey. Hiring DanGelvi Cleaning Services will provide safety, affordability, convenience, honesty and above all quality and professionalism. Safety: In DanGelvi Cleaning Services we focus on your safety, your family and home. We perform strictly background check up of our employees. In addition, we accept credit cards through PayPal Security System and also through our fast and secure Credit Card system On-The-Go. Affordability: Our prices are very competitive and accessible to the general public which provides us with another reason on why you should Choose Us. Convenience: If you are already hire our services we will automatically sign you up in our system making it easier for you and us to make a new appointment. Quality: Our employees are trained by DanGelvi Cleaning Services, where we teach then the techniques we use to provide the highest quality cleaning service. In addition, we use the best known cleaning products, which we apply in all our works. With this we leave your home bright and clean. Professionalism: All our employees are uniformed, showing the name and company logo. Furthermore, we show order, speed, punctuality and good manners. Give us a chance and call us and we will show you why many people have already choose us.



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