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G'S Cleaning & Maid services

Web Site:
Address: 330 Hughes Rd.
City: Coldspring
State: Texas
Zip: 77331
Contact Eddie Goffney, Service Manager
Email: E-Mail This Service
Phone: 936 666 13777

About G'S Cleaning & Maid services

A cleaning service with the goal of providing the best Professional Cleaning Services Using Environmental Cleaning Products and Supplies at the Lowest Rate Customers. Our Friendly, Caring, Loving, Knowledgeable, Completely Trustworthy Staff will see to Customer cleaning needs being # 1, next to Customer Satisfaction. G's Gets to know Our Customers !! Key Holding Security Homes Apartments Churchs Offices Businesses All Packages Starting at 50.00 Extremely Clean Package Keep Gods House Clean and Fresh Package Offices and Business Going Green Package Did You Know: Using non toxic cleaners improves indoor air quality, reduces chemical exposure, and introduces fewer toxins into the environment. Consider G's Cleaning & Maid Services helping You to Go Green !!



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