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Thursday, October 26, 2017

8 Cleaning Hacks that Will Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

Keeping your kitchen spic and span is not only aesthetically pleasing for when you have guests over, it’s also essential for ensuring the food you cook is safe for you and your family. But maintaining a kitchen neat at all times is hard: dirty dishes easily pile up in the sink, coffee mugs are never in their right place and crumbs or food stains are a constant nuisance.


To help you stay on top of things, especially if you have a big family or a hectic work schedule, we’ve compiled a list of hand-picked cleaning hacks to make your kitchen sparkle. These are easy to implement on a daily basis and once you get a hang of it, you’ll do it without realizing you’re actually cleaning your kitchen.

1. Apply the 2-Minute Rule

Embarking on a one-hour cleaning session of your kitchen can sound daunting. To avoid having to do too much at once, try to fulfill smaller tasks on the spot. Not only are these going to help you keep your kitchen tidy but they will also save you time and effort in the long run. The 2-minute rule is pretty self-explanatory: if the task can be completed in less than two minutes, then don’t postpone it.


Are there a couple of dirty coffee mugs in the sink? Don’t wait any longer and wash them on the spot. Is the trash full? It only takes a couple of minutes to take it out and keep the bin from overflowing. And when’s the last time you gave your countertops a scrub? This job also takes around 2 minutes and can have a huge impact on how your kitchen looks.


2.Try to Multitask

This can be a life-changing hack once you master it. If you love to talk on the phone for hours or watch TV or Youtube, why not do some light cleaning at the same time? Wireless headphones make this so much easier and you won’t believe how much you can achieve during a 15-minute phone call. Take advantage of your skype conferences as well, when possible. You can fold napkins, store away cutlery, wipe down wet dishes, clean the shelves or countertops, all of this while chit-chatting with your best friends.

3. Leave it to the Pros

It’s hard to stay on top on so many household chores, especially when you’re having a busy week. Between doing laundry, cooking, taking care of the kids and going to work, the kitchen can sometimes be overlooked. The most convenient solution is to reach out to a professional home cleaning services company that will take care of everything for you. This way, you’ll have more time to spend with your kids and actually do the things you love in your spare time.


4. Start Using Baking Soda for Cleaning

In case you don’t know it yet, baking soda is your most powerful ally when it comes to naturally cleaning your house. Baking soda boasts dozens of various uses that range from cleaning your sink, stove, fridge, windows and countertops. Since it has no odor, it can be used anywhere at any time.

Baking soda can be used it on its own by simply adding it on a stain and rubbing with a toothbrush, or combined with water to create a paste. It is mildly abrasive, so it won’t damage any delicate surfaces, yet it is powerful enough to get rid of stubborn build-ups and leave your kitchen sparkling.


5. Choose DIYs over Expensive Products

Not everybody is a cleaning fanatic but if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and trying a DIY, try experimenting with different concoctions. Preparing your own products might make you more excited about cleaning your kitchen. It’s also faster to clean the whole kitchen with a single, multi-purpose DIY solution than with 10 different store-bought products that are full of chemicals and all do the same thing anyway.


The simplest DIY any beginner can try is making a citrus vinegar cleanser. Start by filling your container of choice with citrus peels. Cover them with vinegar and leave the mixture to sit for at least 2 days before straining it and using it as an all-purpose, safe cleanser around your kitchen.


6. Clean Up as You Cook

If you’re not a tidy person, this might be difficult to warm up to, but cleaning up as you cook really makes a difference. While you wait for your quinoa to boil, you can rinse off plates, strainers and saucepans. You can always use the time it takes for your food to cook to put everything back in its place: spices, glassware, cutlery, recipe books and other accessories.


7. Rely on Parchment Paper

Parchment paper can be a real life-saver when it comes to baking cookies. But that’s not where its potential ends. You can also use parchment paper when you’re roasting vegetables, baking potatoes or doing any other type of baking. This will save you the hassle of scrubbing trays and pans.


You can also protect your pantry shelves with parchment paper. It’s much easier to simply replace the paper than scrub off oils, honey, sauces and other stubborn stains.


8. Clean a Blender Using Its Own Power

Blenders are one of the most cumbersome kitchen utensils to clean – they are big, heavy and have sharp blades that are hard to reach. Oftentimes, a dirty blender is left in the sink with leftovers hardening and becoming even more difficult to clean. But here’s a hack that will save you time and effort cleaning your blender.


Immediately after you’re done making your smoothie or soup, fill the blender halfway with water and add a drop of liquid dish soap. Turn on the blender and leave it on for 30-40 seconds, increasing the speed progressively. After you turn it off, all you have to do is rinse it out with a lot of water and leave it to dry!



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Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Keep Hardwood Floors Beautiful

Hardwood floors are beautiful, everybody knows that, just like they know how hard and effort consuming it is to keep them clean and good looking. Finding the right and most effective way of maintaining the hygiene and good looking of this type of flooring is a really complicated task. But having taken some precautionary measures, you will be one step closer.


Use some protectors for the floor under furniture to avoid any lasting marks or place some small carpets and rugs on the areas where children play and people walk most often. You can also prevent the doors from leaving tracks and scratches on the floor by placing some small mats on both their sides. To avoid water and snow damages during autumn and winter for example you can organize a shoe removal area. Be creative – don’t cover the whole floor, because you would not be able to enjoy its charm, but try to protect the most possibly vulnerable parts of it. Vacuum as often as possible

Vacuuming is your best action, when it comes to hard floor cleaning. If possible, vacuum every day. This way you will not allow dust to reside into the wood and thus limit your chance of having tidy and fresh looking hardwood floors. But do not vacuum with the beater bar attachment, because it can leave scratches over the finish of the floor, use a a floor-brush attachment or an electric broom instead. It will not be a drama if you skip a day, when you are too busy and don’t have enough time for domestic cleaning, but just be sure that your wooden floor is regularly taken care of.

Do not experiment

Vinegar can be used for cleaning may be everything, but no, do not clean your hardwood floors with it, especially if they are covered with polyurethane. Don’t use ammonia too. These substances can easily make the finish looking muddy, if they are not properly used. Painting the floor is also a bad idea – it is very hard to keep it clean or remove it later. So if you are not willing to risk ruining the beautiful floor, please use only detergents of whose result you are sure.

Do not mop

Using wet mop for hard floor cleaning is absolutely wrong. Moist is a real enemy to this kind of floor material and can cause irreversible damages. If you insist on cleaning with a damp mop, keep the moisture really low – hardwood is not laminate, keep this in mind.

Put the best finish

Yearly waxing is the one thing that will really protect the surface of the wood. After this period some small areas, which need to be waxed again, will start drawing your attention. Another option for the hardwood floor’s finish is to use polyurethane. But both ways your floor will stay amazing with the proper care.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot water extraction VS dry cleaning methods

The two main types to choose from when buying or renting a new cleaning machine is quite overwhelming. Yet there are plenty of surfaces and objects to clean at home, each with its own unique requirements, eco-friendly fibers or capricious wearing of the colors. By using the quick methods and tricks to make your carpets or rugs lasting longer is not enough when it`s time for the big domestic cleaning, which should take place at least once a year. The basic differences in the wet and dry cleaning are obvious - the use of water. However, each different cleaning system has its own unique advantages and its effect is better for a specific surface. Whether a hot water extraction or steam cleaning of small carpets - you have to know the perfect cleaning method for the upholsteries of all your objects at home. They`re usually mentioned on a small label on the backings, while if you doubting for a specific carpet, for example, you can call a professional cleaning company to deal with the heavy stains and imperfections on the carpets. Or else, if you prefer to clean more frequently the furnishings or the floors - dry cleaning may be a better solution. It`s commonly used for daily or weekly cleaning and it`s not so overwhelming and time consuming as the wet cleaning methods. Next are few other differences and advantages when it comes to hot water extraction vs dry cleaning solutions.

For upholstery of big furniture objects like sofas or chairs, a better opt is a regular cleaning by clean slightly wet towels. This can make the upholstery surfaces longer lasting, while preserving their qualities and making them more visually pleasing in the meantime. It is also essential to clean the sofas on a monthly basis with a sanitizer and deodorizer, especially if you have small kids or pets. The sanitizer agents eliminate the spread of illness due to the bacteria that thrive on upholstery surfaces like small cushions or between the edges of the armrests on the sofa, or between the seat and the back of the chairs, etc. On the other hand, simply vacuuming every day or every week adds more points to the dry cleaning method as the best way for casual upholstery cleaning.

When it comes to leather upholstery - it`s a little bit different. It`s just enough to consult a leather cleaning company of which detergent solution is the most appropriate choice for application as you want to avoid any chance of crackness or lose of texture. The dry cleaning methods via soft towels or duster is a perfect choice when you want to get rid of the bigger dirt particles and dust. For the truly stained areas and spots - apply only clean water onto the surface by rubbing with a soft brush. If the spot is persistent - try with a degreaser and then apply the same procedure with water, brush and towels. After cleaning the leather upholstery with as much dry methods as possible, you can apply a solution with pigments, which help to restore the texture and the overall appearance of the surface.

Carpets and rugs are usually cleaned up with hot water extraction machines. They eliminate all the dirt, sand and pollens, while sanitizing and deodorizing at once. This method is basically like a huge vacuuming machine, but first the hot water is applied and then it`s vacuumed when the dirt is already dissolved. There is also a dry foam carpet cleaning opt, which is perfect for small carpets and rugs, as well as not needed to wait for the surface to dry.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 famous advices for sofa cleaning with leather upholstery

Leather upholstery requires special care to make it longer lasting and more visually pleasing. Leather usually dries and loses texture with time, while if it`s used daily - cracks may appear on the most stained areas. Because of that, you definitely want to take good care of the leather furnishings and coverings in your home, and next are three famous advices for when you have to clean the sofa.

First, prepare the sofa for cleaning and inspect it thoroughly for very persistent and heavy stains. They may need deep cleaning and so some specific treatments that can at least make the final effect close to a new sofa. There are always areas that will look worn and not like new ones, but the most important thing is to clean and sanitize the leather upholstery and to enhance its overall outlook. Let`s begin with a quick homemade detergent for sofa cleaning. Get a small bowl with water, shampoo and soap, and pour the mixture onto the heaviest stains. Then, scrub gently the leather with a clean towel to form a thick paste of dissolved dirt or until a darker foam appears. Leave it on the spot for about a minute or so in order to dissolve the stain even more while penetrating deeper in the pores of the leather. Change the water and clean the towel in the meantime, and wipe off the excess with the clean wet towel. Run another clean towel through the spot, but this time only with water to remove the traces from the degreaser detergent and if needed - repeat the procedure until the stained spot disappears. Yet the best way to deep clean heavily stained and worn leather sofas, is to call a cleaning company Belgravia. The professional cleaners also have special detergents and solutions with pigmentations that can restore shine and texture of the leather, as well as know best how to treat the specific stains in the most appropriate way.

Second, after deep cleaning it, prepare your leather sofa with a longer lasting clean effect. This is one of the easiest and yet important things that should be a permanent part of the cleaning. It comes to a simple protective spray for leather upholstery that can be found in stores, as well as treatment with a microfiber cloth. This special cloth absorbs more water and therefore quantity of the protective spray, while covering equally all the corners and areas of the leathery surface. To prepare your leather sofa with a longer lasting effect, you definitely have to keep it clean too. Don`t let your pets like big dogs and cats to play on the sofa or the chairs, as well as clean it as soon as you see a stain or a dirty area. Don`t expose your leather sofa to direct sunlight, because it enhances the evaporation from the pores and so it enhances the chance of cracking, loss of texture, discoloration, hardness, etc. Apply a deodorizing agent right after the cleaning, especially if you have pets. This solution eliminates the odors from pets and so the chance of microbes, allergens and other unhealthy bacteria. A deodorizing agent is also useful for spraying when you plan a longer vacation or when you`re not in the house for a long time.

Third, polish your leather sofa to enhance its look and even some polishing waxes can make the leather textures look like new. Get a small amount of the paste and scrub it onto all the leather surfaces. Pay more attention to the edges between the seat and the back, as well as under the elbow pads. The already cleaned heavily stained areas should be polished thoroughly as well.

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Different advantages of different cleaning companies

When it comes to housekeeping, it`s essential to keep your house clean and all the furnishings in order. Every day and every time in case that you want a healthier environment to live and more visually pleasing objects around you and all your family members. The variety of commercial cleaning companies is enormous too. Each company has its own unique advantages and cleaning solutions, professional crews... All that you need for the perfect domestic cleaning of your home - it can be found via professional cleaners and companies. A great idea before searching for the best company, is to know exactly that you`re looking for. Next are mentioned few of the advantages of the different cleaning companies and it`s just the basic of what`s to come. Make also sure to ask friends or neighbors for a recommendation or which company they use for cleaning their homes. Stroll through the sites of the companies in your region too and find the perfect one that can suite your needs. Another great opt is to call the company and to discuss the details about the cleaning, as well as request a quote. Or else, even visit their office and discuss with the coordinators all about the cleaning. That`s only an example of how to choose the best cleaning company, however, take a look at their basic advantages and services.

- Apartment cleaning companies, where the floors are covered with carpets, rugs and other fiber materials, as well as filled with leathery surfaces. These companies are specialized in cleaning different fabric surfaces by using most of the main types of deep cleaning. It comes to deep cleaning via steam cleaning systems or deep cleaning via hot water systems or even via some dry cleaning systems like cleaning with dry foams and other dry compounds. The main advantage is the right choice of cleaning system for the exact type of rug, carpet or a leathery sofa, for example. Even the homemade rugs can be cleaned flawlessly with the right choice of detergents and solutions, according to the sensitivity of the colors and the softness of the fibers.

- Companies offering different types of commercial cleaning, but also post-cleaning solutions. These are companies, which experienced crews can make the entire house clean for a very short time, even in some cases for less than a day. Moreover, they offer sanitizing and deodorizing services, which enhance the cleaning effect and they make the cleansing of your house longer lasting. The sanitizing agents are the best prevention from pollens, allergens and other unhealthy volatile compounds. This post-cleaning treatment`s especially recommended for houses with small kids or with pets.

- The companies for seasonal cleaning of houses are also not to miss, yet they have unique advantages when you want only to freshen the house for the beginning of the springtime or the summertime, for example. The crews of these companies use mostly fast cleaning methods like pre-vacuuming of tiled floors, cleaning grouts, sanitizing and deodorizing of bathrooms, kitchen equipment cleaning, etc. The fast cleaning services in South Kensington help you to take a pick of the perfect combination between cleaning time, quality and cost. The special detergents of the professional cleaners can also protect the objects in your kitchen from further staining, while the wiping off dust will no longer be a long adventure that requires lots of flexibility and agility. The shine of the tiled floors and walls, as well as shine of the polishing finish of the leather upholstery can really help you to see the advantage of using the cleaning services of the professional seasonal cleaners.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to clean your jewelry!

Keeping your jewelry clean can be very tough. Whether you wear it every day or if you keep your gold and silver for special occasions, it’s easy for dirt and grime to tarnish your most beloved rings, necklaces and bracelets. You don’t necessarily need to hire a jewelry cleaning company, or jewelry cleaning services to get your gold and silver looking clean and tarnish-free. If you want to clean your jewelry as well a cleaning professionals could then here are some jewelry cleaning tips that can help you – all using items found in your kitchen!

1. Gather your supplies.
You don’t need to spend a fortune on jewelry cleaning products to get your bling looking as good as new! Whether you’re cleaning gold or silver, all you need is bicarbonate of soda, ammonia, or even toothpaste will do the trick! Make sure you have some clean polishing cloths to hand as well, as these will help to get your jewelry shining again.

2. Cleaning sterling silver jewelry.
To quickly and effectively clean tarnished silver jewelry there are a few methods you can use:

-If your silver has no ornamentation, such as pearls or gemstones, then you should be able to use boiling water to clean it. Line an oven-proof glass dish with foil, and mix together a tablespoon of table salt, a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, and a gallon of boiling water. Stir the mixture and pour into your lined dish. Immediately place your silver jewelry in, allow to soak for a few minutes and rinse clean. Dry your jewelry by buffing at it with a soft and clean polishing cloth, and you’ll see that any tarnishing or grime has disappeared!

-Another great way to remove grime from your sterling silver is to create a paste using lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda. Coat your jewelry in the paste, leave to sit for a few minutes, rinse and buff dry. This is a fantastic way to clean delicate pieces that you don’t want to put into boiling water!

-Toothpaste that contains baking powder can also be used to clean your jewelry. Make sure the toothpaste that you’re using has no whitening or anti-tartar properties, as this can have an adverse effect on your jewelry. Simply coat your pieces in the toothpaste, rinse and buff clean!

3. Cleaning gold jewelry
Gold jewelry can be much easier to clean than sterling silver. Simply mix together a teaspoon of ammonia with two teaspoons of washing up liquid, and add a quarter of a cup of warm water. Mix the solution together and place on a clean cloth. Use the damp cloth to polish your gold to leave it sparklingly clean! If your gold has indentations or markings, then try using a cotton swab to get into those hard-to-reach places.

4. Professional jewelry cleaning contractors.
If you have delicate or antique jewelry, or if you have pieces that contain gemstones or other decorations then you might want to hire a jewelry cleaning agency to help you to get clean jewelry. Professional jewelry cleaning companies will make quick work of your cleaning needs, without you needing to worry about damages being caused. Contact your local jewelers to find out about a jewelry cleaning company in your area, or try looking online to see what’s available for you. For more tips:

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Choose your property clearance company wisely

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and professional property clearance company is not as easy as you might think. Yes, it’s true that clearance firms are spouting out of the woodwork faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson’, not all provide the most reliable of clearing services and may not deliver on their promise of a top-quality service for affordable rates. Sometimes the clearance services just don’t show up, or they turn up hours late. They are known as rogue clearance firms. Other times at the end of rubbish removal they’ll present you with an invoice, whose figure doesn’t match the rate you originally agreed upon! There are so many things to look out for before hiring house or office clearance services. Here are just some ways to ensure you employ a reputable clearance company.

Google Search
Say goodbye to the yellow pages, as Internet search engines make finding whatever service you want ten times easier. All you have to do is type in the term Clearance or Rubbish disposal companies with your London postcode and a list of matches should appear on your screen. Now that’s the easy part. The harder, more arduous and tricky part is trawling through all the results and reading carefully the services and charges delivered by the waste disposal firms. Anyone can create a fancy website with today’s technology and flash software, so make sure you carefully inspect every detail on the clearance company’s profile. Also try looking for customer feedback online on various other reputable testimonial forums.

Protect the environment
Before signing on the dotted line employing the clearance services of a London based company, find out if they have all the necessary licenses and permits to conduct a safe and swift job. With so many companies and individuals now more environmentally aware, you might be wise to ask if the company carries out white goods recycling and if they recycle as much of the waste removed from you home as possible. You don’t want them just dumping all your old belongings, some of which could be salvaged, recycled and used again in manufacturing in the local landfill or skip.

Get organized first
It’s always imperative to first sort through all your belongings before hiring a company to tackle junk removal or waste disposal. In fact you may be able to save yourself some money by doing your own junk disposal if you notice you have very little that needs to be dumped. You can hire a man and van service and have your waste transported to the local recycling plant. Remember however that performing your very own waste removal can be tiring and not to mention time consuming. For any real larger scale domestic clearance needs stick to the professionals!

Cheap is not always the way to go
It’s true that most people are attracted to getting a bargain or a good deal, but when it comes to property clearance, you’ll need to look at more than just the price. Make sure the company can deliver on its promise of excellent quality for reasonable costs. If the price for waste removal or furniture disposal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Also watch out for hidden fees. Make sure you get any quotation in writing and if you can get a recommendation from someone you trust about the company’s reliability!

Going solo
If you’ve had enough of searching for a clearance company, as non seem quite able to meet your needs, then why not go solo and employ the help of family members or friends to help with your flat clearance or house clearance! This is not suggested lightly, for doing your own property clearance requires time, dedication and effort. Just make sure you’re up to the job before it’s too late to change your mind and you’re knee deep in that garage clearance!

For more cleaning or clearance ideas:

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cleaning the stair carpet is a big challenge

When it comes to home cleaning then carpet cleaning is its one of the vital parts. Most of the people do make use of carpets in their homes. Carpets somehow complete the look of the home. Although having carpets in your homes is easier but cleaning them and maintaining them is not so easy. It takes a lot of efforts to keep your carpets free of dust and dirt. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task and when it comes to stair carpet then it is even much more difficult than cleaning the carpets at other places. Cleaning the stairs carpet is a kind of punishment as the part of carpet at the stairs catches the major part of the dirt from the shoes. It is the part of the house that experiences the major part of the traffic. Almost everyone who enters into the house does make use of the stairs carpet while making way to upstairs. There are high chances that the stairs carpet can become dull and it needs to be brought back to the life by regular cleaning practices.

It is noticed that the color of the stair carpets really gets dull and if it is compared with the other parts of the carpets, particularly with the parts that are not much exposed (underneath the table or behind the bed) then there would be a large difference. It is one of the biggest challenges for the cleaners to bring the carpet back to its original color or near to that. Mostly, the carpets that are used on stair are the ones that largely contain wool which is not an easy material to get cleaned. Such carpets are no doubt a challenge for the cleaners to clean and bring them back to their original condition. In this case, it is required that assistance must be taken from some professional cleaners who know how to do the things. Any inexperienced person can even ruin the carpet and its quality can also be degraded. The inexperienced person can get any kind of the strongest carpet cleaning solution available and get the carpet soaked with it. He can also make use of the hard brush to rub the carpet again and again for improved results. This is really not a good practice and is very dangerous for the carpet quality. It is not necessary that the hardest or the strongest cleaner can prove to be the best one. Wool is a natural fibre and using the strongest cleaner for it can even result in changing it original color so avoid using any kind of product and try to make use of the one which is specially designed for some particular material.

Try to not use much amount of water in these carpets as it takes time to get dry and as a result there can be issues of bad odor. Also, it can cause the carpet to get shrink. Using the hard brush is also a wrong approach as it might damage the fibers of the carpet and your carpet will look really bad. For carpet cleaning, you always have to make wise decisions so as to retain the look and quality of your carpet. It is better that you must call some professional help for the very first time so as to get an idea how to do the things. After that you can manage the things by your own but still once or twice a year you must always get help from the professional cleaners.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

After office party cleaning

With Christmas quickly approaching, you’re staff are probably gearing up for the Christmas party and festivities! Every office looks forward to unwinding after a hard year’s work with some tasty nibbles and a glass of champagne just before the holidays! However once the gifts have been handed out and you’ve all had a merry old time, there’s that question of office cleaning! You can if you want call in your professional cleaners to take care of all those dirty cups and party streamers, which is to honest your best bet. However this is probably the busiest time of year for cleaning agencies, which are inundated with office cleaning jobs!

Removing those wine stains from your office carpet may require a call to the carpet cleaners, as you don’t want to be missing out on all the fun by dabbing up spills while everyone else is toasting to yet another year of glorious business!

Get in touch with either your regular cleaning agency or an office cleaning company Bayswater that handles one-off after party cleaning jobs, well before your planned party date! Make sure the company will handle kitchen cleaning and carpet cleaning before booking their services. See that they will take care of washing up glasses, plate etc (although it might be best to use paper plates and plastic cups at your office shindig, which you can then recycle), dust and polish desktops and work stations, clean skirting boards and give your employee bathrooms a good seeing to!

To arrange after party office cleaning, consider whether you want the cleaners to come in straight afterwards, that same night, once everyone has gone home, or if the party is being held on a Friday to get started on the office clean on Saturday. Ensure the cleaning service works over the weekend; to make sure your office is back to its clean self and ready by Monday morning when your staff returns to work.

Domestic cleaning differs rather significantly from office cleaning and when it comes to after event cleaning, the differences are even vaster! For after office party cleaning they’ll probably be a lot more mess than after a regular day at the office. The professionals will need to pay particular attention to any drink spillages or food crushed into the carpet. It’s likely that staff members, while careful won’t be able to avoid accidents and will also be looking to unwind and not consider making a mess! So it will be up to the professional cleaners to make sure the carpet or hardwood floors are given a thorough deep clean!

The kitchen area is sure to be piled high with plates and left over food and drink, so make sure there are enough cleaners able to deal with the scope of tidying and cleaning! After party cleaning services are renowned for their ability to tackle just about any mess, but make sure to outline what your needs will be. For example if you’re ordering food platters in for the party, the cleaners will want to know. Also make sure you inform the cleaners if you intend to use recyclable plates and cups, and whether they are equipped to remove the recyclables from your premises.

Professional after party cleaning is a must for all businesses if you’re to relax and enjoy those Christmas drinks and treat size mince pies! Don’t worry about spending hours cleaning up all the mess. Just concern yourself with hiring a party clean up service well ahead of time and rest assured in the knowledge that your office will be back in working order in just a few hours!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Budget office cleaning – tips and helpful hints

Running a business, no matter how successful, large or small an be very costly, so as a business owner you’re very likely always looking for ways to save on costs and expenditure and to maximise your profit margins! You may have triple insulated windows to save on energy costs and decided to go paperless to avoid spending astronomical amounts on stationary. There’s one way on further reducing your outgoings, which you probably haven’t considered, because it really is a necessity and that’s office cleaning!

Professional cleaners can cost a fortune, particularly if you’ve hired their cleaning services on a regular, daily basis. You may now be shaking your head thinking ‘How can I skimp on cleaning, when it’s so important to my office operations, staff wellbeing and clients?” You’d be right in having these concerns, as they are all valid. But I’m not saying get rid of your cleaning service. I’m simply asking that you entertain the idea of reducing your outgoings when it comes to cleaning contractors. Take a look at your annual budget and how much of that goes towards paying for office cleaning. I’m not talking about the necessary carpet cleaning or window cleaning, but kitchen cleaning and regular dusting. My point is that while you’re employees have not been hired to clean the office, they can each be given a task of keeping their own workstation clean and empty their own dustbins at the end of the each day. This will certainly minimise the amount of time the professional cleaners will need to spend cleaning your office and a result minimise your expenses!

A great idea on how to really cut down the hours spent by a cleaning agency collecting rubbish from different desks and rooms is to have a central bin system… a new method that is really taking off for some companies. Place this bin somewhere out of the way and make it policy that each of your employees, before retiring for the day, empties their own dustbin’s contents into this central bin. You can even do your bit to help save the environment and have a central recycle bin, separating plastics, cartons and paper. With this new method, your professional cleaners won’t be wasting previous time emptying each an every bin throughout the office, but can simply empty the main central bin at the end of their cleaning shift!

If every loyal member of staff is asked to keep their own desk tidy and clean, this means the cleaning agency won’t have to dust desk tops or screens! Give each of your employees some microfiber wipes and let them keep their computer screens sparkling. That way the cleaners can get on with just cleaning telephone handsets and keyboards, as well as vacuuming under desks and behind chairs in those sometimes difficult to reach areas. Once again, they’ll be saving time on cleaning and thus saving you on your cleaning bill! When it comes to kitchen cleaning just ask employees to be responsible for washing up their own mugs and plates and this will limit the amount of time spent by cleaners in the kitchen and save you some hard earned money.

You may be conditioned into thinking that office cleaning in required on a daily basis. This may very well be the case for some businesses, depending on the nature of their trade or service. However if you run an office that rarely sees clients and simply involves staff sitting at their desks for most of the day, then it’s likely you won’t need carpet cleaners every night, but maybe just once a week! Cutting down on the frequency of your upholstery cleaning at the office could save you a fortune in cleaning expenses!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Regular cleaning can help in keeping house clean

Every job becomes effective if it is performed according to some schedule. Same is with cleaning jobs, if you are going to perform them regularly then there are fewer chances that dust and dirt would settle down. If regular cleaning is not performed regularly then there are chances that your house will get cluttered and home cleaning will get much difficult task. It is much easier to divide the cleaning jobs in chunks and do it little bit on daily basis. Still, even after performing daily home cleaning jobs you need to do a thorough top to bottom cleaning once a month. The house cleaning can be effectively performed if you are keeping a deadline for every task. Your different home cleaning tasks might include kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, oven cleaning and carpet cleaning. Divide each of these and other tasks among the family members and try to stick to it. If you are not going to follow the cleaning jobs regularly then these will get piled up for you for the weekend and you will not be able to enjoy your weekend.

Your bathrooms are the rooms that are the easiest to clean but obviously not pleasant ones. It is recommended that you must always rinse down your shower or bath tub after every bath so that no water stains are left behind. Your bathroom needs only once a week cleaning. Make use of sponges, sprays and cleaners for cleaning the mirrors. Always use a paper towel or newspaper to avoid the streaks on the mirror by wiping them off. Make use of an effective toilet cleaner for cleaning your toilet seat. You can use a brush to clean the bowl deeply. Do not forget to wear gloves while bathroom cleaning.

For cleaning the rooms it is necessary to declutter them first so that it can get easier to perform cleaning jobs. Tidy up all the bits and bobs and make up space for cleaning. Clean up your furniture with the specific furniture polish that suits your furniture and does not damage its material. Carefully follow the instructions so that nothing goes wrong. Make use of a dusting cloth and clean all the windows and doors. Arrange your bed and vacuum the floor. Always keep your room mess free and clean so that you might enjoy and relax. Repeat all these jobs in all other rooms of the house.

Always keep in mind that cleaning up your kitchen does not means that you only need to wash your dishes. It is more than that. It is something that you need to do daily else there are chances of developing bacteria inside your kitchen. Apart from this you also need to clean your oven, microwave oven, cabinets, pantries and other equipment that are being used in the kitchen in order to ensure hygiene. You only need to wipe down the surfaces and it will not take much of your time. Make use of appropriate cleaning products and always go for the high quality products. Mop the floor at the end.

All these cleaning jobs must be performed regularly and for your ease you can break them down into chunks. Dividing the jobs will make them manageable. All you need is to put in some efforts, take out some time and make use of right cleaning products. It will make it very easier to perform the deep cleaning job once in a month.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to clean the mess after the party

Everyone loves to host a big party and enjoy meeting up with family and friends but for sure no one is excited for cleaning the mess that it might create. Throwing a party is easier but doing the after party cleaning is difficult. May be for this reason a number of people do avoid arranging parties at their place. Most of the times, the parties are arranged on weekends and then after party cleaning completely ruins the holiday. You might get tired after arranging and attending a large party then how come it is possible that you can manage to clean the house as well. This is something that must not be taken lightly and you must plan about the after party cleaning earlier. Otherwise, it will create stress and you will lose the excitement of your party. The parties are definitely arranged to have fun. Taking the stress of after party cleaning, you can ruin this fun. You need to plan the cleaning job in such a way that you can relax in your party and can have fun. Here are few tips and tricks that can be followed to make the after party cleaning simpler. It is not necessary that you have to perform the complete house clean right at the end of the party. Do not stress yourself and divide the cleaning job into chunks. Try to get the things in to their shape and then perform the rest of the cleaning jobs later on. This will make you a bit relaxed and you will be able to clean the house properly. Divide these chunks of cleaning jobs among the family members to make things easier. Always try to do a bit of the cleaning right after the party and then get into the details the next day. The first thing that you need to do as soon as the party ends is to put the wasted food away. The food that is fresh and you need to keep it must be put into the fridge right away. Other food wastes and other food related things like wrappers must be thrown away. After that collect all of the glasses, bottles, cups and plates and keep the clean ones aside and the used ones must be put into the sink. In case of disposable stuff, you can simply throw away the used ones and keep the unused one aside. Wipe off all the tables and other places where you find any kind of food spill so that the stain might not get dried.

You must put all of the used dishes, glasses, cups and plates into the dishwashing sink. Fill it as much as you can so that your kitchen might not look cluttered with the utensils. Try to do the dishing at night as it might create bad odour in your kitchen and can also develop non hygienic conditions. You must take a large plastic bag with you and start gathering the garbage from the party area. All these cleaning jobs are enough to be done right after your party. You can do the rest of the tasks, the very next day. You must begin you next day by vacuuming your entire house. After that you can keep all of the things at their place and organize your home as it was before the party. You must be feeling fresh after having a good sleep and these tasks will not burden you much. Now you only need to mop the kitchen floor making sure that it is completely clean.

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Tips for quick and easy home cleaning

When it comes to home cleaning then every one of us feels burdened and unhappy. How can an individual be happy to know that he/she has to clean the entire house even after knowing that how time consuming it is and how much efforts are required. There are few tricks and tips that can be followed to reduce this time and efforts. You can also refer a number of cleaning guides. Home cleaning is a process in which all the family members have to participate. Otherwise, a single person cannot handle it as efficiently and obviously a single person cannot it perform it quickly. After coming from work and having a hectic day; every individual would like to have some rest. No one would like to get indulged into the home cleaning jobs after coming back from work. Cleaning is not the only job that is waiting for you on your way back to home. Apart from this, there are many other jobs like laundry, dishes and cooking that are waiting for you. Cooking and dishes are the jobs that are almost done daily and after performing these jobs it is very hard to clean the home. The last option that is left is to do the house or flat cleaning on the weekends.

The first and the foremost thing is to form a cleaning schedule for yourself. The schedule will help you a lot in dividing the household chores among the weekdays. Do not wait to get the cleaning jobs get piled up for you and then it will get really difficult to clean anything or area. Try to perform these jobs regularly so that your home may not get cluttered. Make a to do list of all the jobs that are needed to be done and then decide and write down which job is to be performed on what day. There are few jobs like sweeping the hard floor and mopping the house that do not take much time and must be performed daily. These jobs do not take much of your time and can help you a lot in keeping the home cleaner. Do vacuum your carpets, rugs and door mates at least twice a week so that dust might not get settled down. After a day or two, you also need to clean up your oven and microwave. You can simply use a cleaner and a microfiber cloth to perform this job. It is also advised that as soon as you observe some food spill over the oven or microwave; do clean it immediately so that it might not get solidify over the surface.

Your bathroom is again another place that needs to be cleaned after a couple of days. Otherwise, soap and other residue will be build up that will take long to get cleaned. The regular cleaning will avoid this build up and you would not have much to do. It is also advised to get all the cleaning products and keep them arranged at some particular place. It is helpful as whenever you will need anything you will get it immediately. If the things are not kept at some particular place then at least fifteen to twenty minutes are wastes in finding them. Also, looking for the things and then bringing them up into a single place will not only waste your time but it will also waste your efforts. Always make a habit of performing the mini cleaning tasks all the time. For example, as soon as you get u from your bed, do organize it immediately. It will take only few seconds but will make things look cleaner for you.


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