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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cleaning your Microwave

Microwaves can be easily neglected from our cleaning rituals. Mainly because you canít always see the interior of it, but it can get very dirty quickly. From splattered food and stains, our microwaves need regular attention and cleaning to keep them looking and working the best they can, inside and out.

Ensure your microwave is switched off and unplugged before you begin. Start with the interior of your microwave, as this is the toughest to clean. Remove the turntable/glass tray and place in a bowl of warm and soapy water to soak. This will loosen stains and splatters making it much easier to wipe clean. You could use an all-purpose or cream cleaner to tackle the inside of your microwave. By leaving a product to soak and work by itself, this will again loosen the built-up grime and dirt, making it much easier to wipe away.

For natural cleaning methods, you could try placing a bowl of hot water with a few drops of vinegar and leave it to steam dirt away and loosen grime. This can be done through actually turning your microwave on for a couple of minutes - but keep your eyes on this method at all times and test for a few seconds for the first time you try it out. Or, another natural tip is to cut a few slices of lemon and again, steam in your microwave for a minute of two. These natural methods are totally up to you, give them a go if you fancy a change from chemical-based products.

Once you have soaked or steamed the interior of your microwave (including the roof!) - you can wipe away the loosened grime, dirt and dried-on food with a sponge, cloth or brush. Try to avoid scrubbing, as this will cause scratches, especially on stainless steel plated microwaves. Place some old newspapers or paper towels down as you do this to catch any drips.

Once you have wiped the interior of your microwave clean, you can dry it using a tea towel and then leave the door open to air-dry completely. As you leave your microwave to air-dry, you can work on the exterior of it including the door, handle and functions. Be careful when wiping over buttons and the like as to not press anything as once your microwave is switched on, these changes may well come into effect. Use a disinfectant spray for the exterior surfaces to keep them germ-free and shiny. Finish off by blotting dry with a towel and again, leaving to air dry.

Avoid using your microwave until it's completely dry. So it's probably best to clean it during a time you wont be using it, such as in the morning before you go out or in the evening before bed, so it can properly dry overnight ready for the next day.

Cleaning your microwave at least every two weeks or a few times a month will really keep it looking it's very best and functioning like new. If you avoid cleaning your microwave appliance, this will only promote an unpleasant build-up of grease and grime, causing you future problems and even unsanitary, unhygienic issues such as germs. So regular cleaning and disinfecting is so vital for the health and maintenance of your microwave appliance. After using, switch off and wipe down. This is a great habit to get into and you'll find deeper-cleaning your microwave a lot easier and faster.

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