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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is this time of year when the big cleaning starts again. You think you can handle it, but you usually make things harder for yourself and end up being completely exhausted with only half the worked you have planned done. What are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning and how can they be avoided? Here is an exemplary list you could use.

Firstly, people tend to think that they could do all the hard work on their own. This is a mistake, as you will not only end up with sore muscles, but it will take you much longer than it would take you if you have invited a friend to help you or, for example, gathered your family and give chores to all of them. You could leave the simple tasks such as dusting, dumping the trash, feeding the pets, clearing the table and shaking out the rugs to your younger children (if you have any, of course). This will not only leave you with the chance of taking a coffee break, but will also serve as an entertainment for your loved ones. In addition, you could leave the moving of furniture and heavier objects to your husband or boyfriend. He could also help with the cleaning of the garage and the car.

Secondly, organizing you cleaning is essential for achieving good results with it. Make a list of the rooms you wish to go through and start with the most unpleasant ones, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. This will leave you with the easier to clean places at the end of the whole process and thus more time for you to relax and take a break. In addition, take a bucket and put all the necessary supplies in it, in order to easily move it around the rooms and don’t waste time going back to the closet. Not having the right cleaning equipment and using the same old cloths and sponges is also a common mistake and you should think about it before starting your long cleaning schedule. The professionals often states that microfiber cloths are the best when it comes to grabbing and removing dust. In addition, they recommends using steam when cleaning floors, as it doesn’t require any chemicals.

All in all, cleaning could become an easier and more relaxed activity, if we put more thought into the process. Having somebody to help you and chat with and organizing everything are essential for your success when cleaning.

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