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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tips for Cleaning House Before Moving Out

The house you’ve rented will probably get dirty and messy with time. It is important to take care to leave it in a good condition before you move out. Cleaning could be tiresome and could ruin your nerves – not everybody likes doing it even in their own homes. That’s why the temptation to leave the rented house without cleaning it is usually huge. However, this may cost you additional money, because the renter may penalize you for leaving it. In this article we will present you several tips for leaving the house in a perfect condition without having your nerves ruined and without having to pay lots of money for a cleaner.

The rooms in the house gather different amount and different sort of dirt. While some, like the living room, are usually dusty, others, like the bathroom and the children’s bedroom, offer great conditions for the development of bacteria. So you’ll need to buy some sort of detergent for the following.

To have every room cleaned rapidly start with the kitchen. Using it on daily bases makes it untidy even if the dirt is invisible. Clean the entire kitchen carefully, using a disinfecting detergent. Pay special attention to the areas around the dishwasher and the washing machine and around the refrigerator. It is a good idea to defrost the refrigerator. It will cost you literally nothing – just unplug it and leave it open. It will be ready until you finish the other rooms. After this just collect the water from it. Clean each device in the kitchen carefully.

After you finish cleaning the kitchen you may move to the bedroom or to the bathroom. It is advisory to continue with the bedroom and leave the bathroom next, because otherwise you may have the bathroom cleaned and stain it again while you are cleaning the bedroom. You don’t need anything else except a vacuum cleaner for the bedroom. But be careful – the bedroom is usually one of the dustiest rooms in the house. Be careful and pay attention even to the tiniest crevices, because they are often full of dust. Clean under the bed. While you are still here, do not forget to clean the windows. Do so in the entire house.

Continue with the bathroom. Here, you’ll need a strong disinfecting detergent. They are available for purchase in any supermarket and usually are not expensive. Try not to inhale or swallow them, because they are poisonous. Also try to finish with them as quickly as possible, because breathing their evaporations may damage your health as well. Use vacuum cleaner for the corridor and for the living room.

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