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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Benefits of Summer Cleaning / Tips How To

Cleaning the house is not among the most enjoyable activities on Earth. Especially if you are busy and you highly value your free time, you will not like to spend it in cleaning the entire house. This is true in summer, too. Most of the people would prefer to enjoy the blossoming outdoors and not to stay at home. However, although unpleasant, the cleaning should be done. In this article we will present you some cleaning tips, which will save you time, money and nerves and will allow you to have more time to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons – the summer.

First, start with the dirtiest rooms. The kitchen is usually very dirty, since you use it to cook your meals on daily bases. Wash each electric device. Remember, to have them washed both from the inside and from the outside. For the floor use a disinfecting detergent. The tiles will be easily cleaned. Do not forget about the sing – clean it carefully with the same detergent as well. Then continue with the windows. Clean the windows in each room while you are cleaning the room itself. Do so in the entire house.

Continue with the bedrooms. The areas under the beds are very attractive for dust. Cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner will be enough. You may polish the furniture. If you have blankets, leave them on a sunny place. That’s how the microbes will die.

Then move to the bathroom. Clean every corner with disinfecting detergent. Do so with the bath-tub. Clean the canals as well.

Polish the furniture in the entire house and do not forget to vacuum off the corridor, the living and the dining rooms.

If your budget is low you would not want to hire a professional cleaner to clean the entire house. However, there are some areas where a professional will do much better and faster than you will. The carpets are a good example. Although you can deal with most everyday stains yourself, with time the carpets gather lots of dust. It could not be easily vacuumed off using a domestic vacuum cleaner. The professionals use a technology called dry-cleaning, which successfully extracts the old dust from the carpets. It takes between 15 and 25 minutes per carpet, which means that they can clean all your carpets for several hours at most, if you live in a bigger house. Call a company and they will come to your home.

If you clean your entire home every summer, you will enjoy a healthier environment.

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