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Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Clean TV or Flat Screen Monitor

When you have a monitor or a TV with a CRT (the older type) screen, you do not have to worry about cleaning it, as it is made of glass and is not very sensitive. Cleaning it like a regular mirror for example does the trick fine. However, when it comes to new generation monitors and TVs (LCD ones), they are harder to clean, because they are more easily scratched and thus – ruined.
Try following these steps to make sure your technological devices get a safe and proper cleaning. First of all, you will have to turn off the device in order to see stains more clearly. Remember to always clean in a gentle way, not by scrubbing hard. You will need a clean and soft cotton cloth. Moreover, a microfiber cloth will do an excellent job due to its ability to gather dust in its fibers immediately. Be careful not to use any paper towels or toilet paper for the purpose of cleaning your display, as they may damage the surface.
If there is oil on your screen, you may not be able to remove it all at once with just a dry cloth, but avoid the temptation to press harder – this action is sure to ruin it. In addition to flat screen LCD monitors and TVs, you have to be very careful with cleaning tablets and other touch-screen devices such as e-readers or phones. Their surface may be glass, but they usually have anti-glare coverings that can get scratched. You may dampen the dry cloth you are using with distilled water, but only if it is really necessary. Try looking for a special cleaner for monitors. They usually come in a spray bottle so apply some on the screen and gently remove it. Make sure not to apply it directly, but on the cloth first, as spraying the screen directly may cause irreparable damage to it.
Using a solution of vinegar and water is also very effective when it comes to cleaning screens. Make sure to clean the edge that surrounds the screen. It could be done with an all-purpose cleaner, but be very careful not to accidentally touch the monitor. A piece of important advice – avoid using products containing acetone, ethyl alcohol, ammonia or ethyl chloride. Their ingredients may react with the materials that the flat screen is coated with, which can discolor the screen.
As you know, with new technologies come new responsibilities. Make sure to be responsible with your devices, because damaging them will cause you a lot of money and headaches. Do not make compromises when it comes to cleaning your monitor or TV screen. A Guest Post from:

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