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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Rug Cleaning – Basic Tips For Everyone. When it is a Better Idea to Call the Professionals?

There is a rule, according to which the more we inhabit the same environment every day, the less we note its small details. This is true even for our homes. You can observe this principle when it comes to cleaning. It may happen to you to forget to clean some of the furniture or the carpets. In this article we will give you several very basic tips for how to clean your carpets. We will show you the benefits of the professional cleaning. First of all, do not forget your rugs and carpets. Even if there are no visible stains on them, they are very prone to collecting huge amounts of dust, which you rarely see. Because of this it is a very good idea to have them vacuumed off several times a month. When you do so do not forget to pay attention not only to the face, but to the back side of the carpet as well. Turn them around when you vacuum them off. Furthermore, clean the floor beneath them as well. Vacuum it and then, using a rag or a towel and a cleaning detergent or a polisher, clean the area.

All sorts of carpet shampoos do a very good job for removing stains. However, you should not apply them on all types of surfaces. They are made to be used on synthetic, not on natural, surfaces.

When a stain occurs on your carpet, remember not to rub when you clean them. Apply dry clean white towel on the spot and wait until it extracts the liquid (this method can applied for coffee, tea, etc.) Maybe you will have to do this several times. Then, using another towel and clean water, remove the remaining stains. However, even though you are a very advanced rug and carpet cleaner and you know how to treat most of the everyday types of stains that may occur in your house, there are times when it is advisable to call a professional firm. It is a good idea to do so two or three times a year. The main reason to call them is that they, using the advanced technology we now have, can extract every kind of dirt from your carpet. This is true even for the smallest pieces of dust, which are otherwise extremely difficult for extraction. Having your carpets completely cleaned will preserve their colours for longer period of time and will improve the quality of the air in your home. The technology used is labeled "very low moisture”, which means that, unlike your vacuum cleaner, it will be able to clean the carpet without spreading even the smallest amount of dust through your home. A Guest Post from:

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