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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Tips for Nature Friendly Cleaning

Are you tired of storing all sorts of cleaning agents and various disinfecting detergents under your kitchen sink? Did you know that except for being expensive and space-consuming, they are dangerous as well? In this article you will be provided with some very basic tips for how to create detergents on your own by just using easily accessible ingredients. Do not forget that for thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution and the first mass produced detergents the population of our planet had prepared the ingredients they used for cleaning on their own. You can do so today.

Vinegar is applicable throughout the entire house and for all sorts of stains. You can clear your drains, using washing soda and hot distilled white vinegar. Pour the two into the drain and for a quarter of an hour then wash with hot water. Whether it would be the inside of the refrigerator or the insides of the microwave oven, vinegar is applicable everywhere. Fill a spray bottle with equal portions of vinegar and water. The mixture is ideal for cleaning the glassware throughout the entire house. The greasy stains on the inside walls of the oven can easily be cleaned by vinegar as well. Pour vinegar on them and leave it like this for a quarter of hour. Then wash the area with sponge or mop. It should be wet.

Now let us pay attention to a thing of no lesser importance – the personal hygiene. You can prepare all sorts of cleaning agents, like soaps and toothpastes. Let us begin with the preparation of the soap. It is a very easy process and remember that the pharmaceutical companies rely on the very same chemical reaction that you can achieve at your home. The two necessary ingredients for the preparation of the soap are lye and animal fat, the former being substitutable with some sort of oil (like coconut oil). They have to be stewed together and, after the prepared mixture cools out, to be cut into bars.
You can add everything to your soap, depending on what you exactly want it to be. The homemade production of toothpaste is somehow trickier, but definitely not impossible. You will need several products, among which bentonite clay, sea salt, stevia, peppermint essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Mix the clay with the salt in a bowl and add a half a cup of boiling water. Mix the substance with a hand mixer. The last step is to add the remaining products. Continue mixing until you got a homogenous mixture. Then fill it in a jar. The ready product will be enough to fill a mason jar. A Guest Post from:

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