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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Clean a Medical or Dental Office

In a medical or dental office, there is nothing more important than maintaining a clean environment. The staff and patients should feel comfortable and safe. Even though doctors may choose to hire a cleaning professional for every-day cleaning procedures, it is a must for them to sanitize and arrange their offices in between patients and at the end of the working day. Here are some guidelines how to do so.

First of all, you should surely wear gloves and a gown while cleaning, as there is a possibility of contacting body fluids. Make sure to empty all trash cans, replace their bags and disinfect them. Gather all the towels and gowns that have been used by patients and put them in the laundry area or somewhere for the laundry service, if you are using one. Next step – gather all used instruments throughout the office and place them in an appropriate location for later sterilization. Make sure you have not missed any. With an approved cleaner, wipe all surfaces that may come in touch with blood or body liquids during the day – for example chairs, desks, door handles, etc. everything you think should be cleaned.
Do not forget to clean thermometers, blood pressure cuffs and every other movable and procedure equipment. Sweep, vacuum, mop all floors. Do no forget to tidy up the patient waiting area. Make sure to clean the floors, wipe the chairs, arrange the magazines and newspapers. In addition, sanitize any children toys that are there (including those in your office). Make sure you wash you hands thoroughly after removing your dirty gloves. Take care not to spill any chemicals and be extremely careful with sharp objects such as needles. You should have a container for biohazardous sharp items – place the needles and all other disposable instruments there. Do not forget to check your office protocol if you have any doubt about any procedure you must perform when sterilizing equipment.
Put plastic instruments into the cold sterilization mixture and metal instruments – in the autoclave. Follow the protocol to be sure how much time you show soak them into the solution and for how long you should run the machines. For the plastic instruments, wash them up with clean water after taking them out of the solution and use paper towels to dry them. For the metal instruments, let them cool when the cycle is done. All your instruments are now ready for reusing.

If you are a doctor, it is your duty to do your job well and provide your patients with all your efforts. Keeping a sterile environment in your office is one of your major concerns. Make sure you do not make any compromises with that. A Guest Post from:

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