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Monday, November 04, 2013

Lemon, Vinegar and Baking Soda - Gross Ingredients, Great Cleaning!

It may well surprise you to find out that there is a secret cleaning agent that lives in your cupboard. There are so many things that you can get done with surprising resources like Lemon, vinegar and baking soda, that you will have no need for chemical cleaners ever again! In reality, everyone uses chemical based cleaning products every day, but you only have to look at the back of the bottle to find out about how harmful these products are. Words like ‘harmful’ are enough to let you know that you should perhaps not be wiping the stuff all over your house, so why do it? Chemical cleaners often have enough dangerous ingredients that they are more harmful than the dirt you are getting rid of, and with the price tag that comes with them, you would be surprised as to how much money you could save whilst also protecting your health.

Lemon is a natural anti bacterial, due to it’s high levels of acidity. The natural acidity kills germs, and also leaves a fresh lemon scent, which is very pleasant. It is no secret that many cleaning products use a lemon smell in their make up to disguise the harsh scent of the chemicals needed to kill germs, but real lemon is just as effective, and smells much better! Putting a slice or two of lemon in your dishwasher will clear the pipes through as you put on a wash, and will help your plates to come out sparkling. Pouring a little baking soda on a half lemon, and perhaps a little rock salt, and you have a great scouring sponge type instrument, that is perfect for washing up plates. Even tough dried on stains will come away with the help of this friendly fruit! Save your lemons from cooking, even when you have squeezed them of their juice for consumption and removed the rind, they can be useful. Put leftover lemon skin into boiling water and combine with vinegar for a household cleaner that kills germs, cuts through grease and smells fresh!

Vinegar also has a seriously high acidity level, which kills germs in an even more effective way. You will find that you can either use it neat as a sort of softer type of bleach, or water it down with warm water for a less concentrated effect, just like a regular household cleaner. Vinegar is a good smell extractor as well, you can add a little to a bowl of boiling water to remove the smell that a room has, whether it is of smoke, damp or general musk, it should feel fresher if you leave the bowl in the room over night. The same goes for leaving clothes in the room, smells should disappear over the course of the night. Vinegar, lemon and olive oil makes a great floor polish if your wooden floors are in need of a spruce, and you won’t have to buy a massive can of it, you can make just as much as you need!

Baking soda has a carbonated effect when wet, which speeds up the chemical reactions used in cleaning to reduce the adhesive bonds that dirt has. This means that it is great as a cream cleaner, when mixed with a bit of lemon or vinegar, and will get your bathroom looking great! Got a blocked drain? Boiling water, a little vinegar and a spoonful of baking powder will fizz that blockage up and when you rinse it away, should be completely sorted!

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