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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Clean Your Keyboard

Do you know that keyboards gather more germs than the toilet seat? Well now you know it. Not only that many people touch it (even if it’s your own, at least a part of your family and friends have used the computer), but you also tend to eat in front of it, leaving bread crumbs everywhere. It is important to regularly clean your keyboard to avoid its malfunctioning and to protect your health.

Plenty of times you don’t really think before touching your keyboard. You sometimes do it with greasy hands, with hands, covered in chocolate, or anything else that is sticky and can damage it. You may even spill something into it and even if it survives, it will start making problems. One of the ways in which you could clean and disinfect your keyboard is by using isopropyl alcohol. Make sure to use a damp cloth when applying it, don’t risk directly pouring it onto the keys. In addition, do not use ethyl alcohol as it may damage the printed letters and numbers. A very effective way of removing small particles of food stuck between the keys is by using a USB vacuum cleaner or an air compressor. If you choose to use an air compressor, spray between the keys, shake the keyboard and spray again.
Dirt is going to pile up, so brush it away with a damp cloth. The USB vacuum cleaner has a special small keyboard tool which is the only thing you need to make your keyboard look as good as new again. Simply plug the cable into your USB port and start cleaning.
If you have more free time, you may wish to remove all keys to thoroughly clean underneath them. Be sure to make a copy of your keyboard or use one found on the web so as not to make a mistake when putting the keys back on. Of course, first you need to make sure that the computer is turned off. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the keys and clean each and every one with a damp cloth. On the other hand, if you wish to deal with the business of cleaning as fast as you could, but won’t need the keyboard for a few days, pull out the keys and wash the keyboard in the dishwasher. Yes, it does sound ridiculous, but it is not. Just make sure that you let it dry for a good amount of time and not to use anything but water.

Cleaning your keyboard is essential. Try one of the many ways to do so, or combine them in your preferred way, and you are sure to keep germs away.

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