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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Cheap and Easy Ways to Clean the Carpet

Carpets – one of the most vulnerable to dirt and smears pieces of furniture. And not only are they easily soiled, but their bringing them for a wash could be an expensive stress for the family budget. However, things could easily be settled with things at hand, which anybody has at home. This article will describe cost-effective ways of cleaning the carpet, which will not only reduce the cost for you, but will also save you time and nerves.

Most of the stains could be easily removed using water and washing agent. The most common washing agents include washing powder/liquid or even liquid soap. There are things, which can be met in any home or, if not, are easily accessible and cheap. You should remember that it is good to use warm water, and not cold, because the washing powder dissolves better in warm water. Furthermore, dirt is removed easier with warmer water.
The amount of ingredient depends on the area that has to be cleaned and on the nature of the stain, but usually a teaspoon will be enough for cleaning the most common smears. The amount of water also varies, but liter is usually enough. Remove the stains with a piece of light-coloured cloth or, if you don’t have one, old rag, which you’ve soaked in the water, into which you had put the washing ingredient. Finally, rub the stain with the cloth/rag.
Be careful not to harm the carpet – do not use too much force. It is the washing ingredient that should do the washing, not the pressure of the rubbing. It is advisory to be white, because otherwise the colour of the rag could be transferred to the carpet, which will cause the opposite effect. You may add a spoon of vinegar to the cleaning mixture to strengthen the effect of the washing liquid/powder.

When the stain is gone, the washing detergent will still be on the carper. You can remove it by using a wet and clean cloth. Rub the surface of the carpet with it until the detergent is gone. There are ingredients, other than the washing liquid/powder, which can be used for cleaning the carpet. Among them is ammonia. The principle of working with ammonia is basically the same. Remember, however, that you should use cold water, and not hot. Dissolve a tea spoon of ammonia into a cup of water. It is better if you have a spray bottle. Fill it with the prepared washing ingredient and spray the dirty spot. After you clean the place from the dirt, use a wet cloth/rag to remove the ammonia.

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