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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Make Cleaning A Regular And Easy Job

You will no doubt find that cleaning is very little fun whatsoever. There is no hiding the fact that no one really enjoys the process, and it seems to be universally disliked. The actual tasks involved in cleaning are not that difficult however; they do not involve a lot of skill, nor do they require much knowledge or intensive labour, so why is it so hated? The fact is, these that because these jobs do not have any of these elements, they become rather mindless and essentially just really boring.
You will no doubt find that there is a lot that you can do to make the jobs less boring, but in reality, the length of time that they take as you repeat mindless tasks is never going to be that fun. There is a bit of vicious cycle that seems to come in to play when it comes to cleaning, as you will no doubt find that having cleaned the house, you did not exactly enjoy yourself, and therefore put it to the back of your mind. In reality, this will mean that the length of time between cleans extends, and you end up with a lot more dirt and dust building up before you clean again. Naturally, this makes the job harder, so each time you are likely to leave it longer before the next clean, as you start to equate the length of time that you spend cleaning with the length of time that you spend not cleaning! Why not break the cycle from the start, and regulate the way in which you clean, so that the jobs become shorter and easier rather than longer and harder? It’s not exactly difficult, so have a think about working the cleaning in to your daily life. Think about the times during the day when you do not really have anything to do. These times will usually come just before you leave the house, or just after you get home. It is essential to have a bit of relaxation time when you arrive home, and if you work when you get home on business things, then perhaps this technique is not for you, but if you do find that you spend an hour watching TV upon getting through the door, why not reduce it by twenty minutes and get the hoovering done?
There is a lot to be said for setting a job aside for each day, like you could dust the house on a Monday, mop on Tuesday, etc, etc. You will find that given that these jobs are done every week, the time it takes to do them decreases each time, as you get used to them, and the dirt does not build up. Essentially there is a whole load of ways in which you can fit these tasks in to your daily schedule without them interfering, which will mean that you no longer have to spend whole weekends cleaning your home!
The main thing to watch out for is that you do not let your motivation slip, as this can result in some serious issues. Imagine if you started out down this road, but then neglected everything for a few days, you would be back to square one! Regularity is the key to the game, so that a couple of weeks in, you are just running a duster across every surface and the whole place is done, rather than actually having to spend time collecting the dust and continually returning to the bin to deposit it!

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