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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eco-Cleaning Tips - Use Vinegar To Clean The House

Eco-Cleaning Tips - Use Vinegar To Clean The HouseWhen it comes to finding an environmentally friendly yet effective way to clean your house, you will likely feel like there are only expensive options available to you. Whilst there is a great and wide ranging market for eco cleaning products that are no longer niche, they come with a price tag that some just cannot afford. For many, using the regular domestic supplies is not an option either, as there are so many harmful and toxic chemicals found within. You only have to look at the bottle to see the effects that the product its self warns of. Words like ‘harmful’ ‘corrosive’ and ‘danger’ should not be the words used to describe something that we flush in to our water systems every day. The reality is that these toxic chemicals affect life on the planet aside from just ourselves. There are whole eco systems affected by the various chemical balances in rivers and streams, which can be affected by toxic chemicals getting in to the water table having been rinsed away from our homes. The fact that the chemicals that you use to clean your home can be more harmful than the dirt its self goes to show that something needs to be done about this problem.

And that is where vinegar comes in. Who would have thought that that lonely bottle at the back of the cupboard that is primarily used on hips could be the end of your green cleaning problems! There are literally hundreds of uses for vinegar around the home, and when combined with other substances, there is very little that it cannot do! You may need to see it to believe it, so we’ll give you some ideas as to how to put that strange food stuff to good use in the home.

First off, arm yourself with a couple of spray bottles, the same type used for window cleaners, and fill one with vinegar, and the other with a solution of half vinegar and half water. This means that you have an easily applicable cleaning agent at varying strengths. Have a rough cloth or sponge with you for tougher jobs, and you are all set!

The half and half solution is perfect as a daily use household cleaner, much like you would use on surfaces and to clean shiny work tops. You can also apply this to de-greasing needs, like on hobs, in microwaves and cupboards etc. When it comes to stains in carpet, you may think that you need a powerful cleaner, but in fact, blotting the stain dry and then applying the half and half should lift the stain, if you leave it for a couple of minutes before blotting it out. If not, add a little liquid soap to your vinegar, and some warm water, and you’ll find that you can get the carpet looking fresh as anything.

If you find that a room has a persistent odor, despite having cleaned the place thoroughly, then place a bowl of vinegar in the room overnight, and you should find that it has been neutralized by the morning. The same goes for smoky clothing, especially after a night out. Boil a kettle, and mix vinegar and hot water in a bowl. Leave the clothes hanging in the bathroom with the hot vinegar bowl overnight, and the smell will vanish.

These are just a few vinegar tips to whet your appetite for something a little fresher than fish and chips, there are loads more out there!

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