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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time saving tips for clever cleaners

If you heard that the best way to save time was to clean more often, you would likely think the person telling you was completely mad. However, there is a lot of truth in that, given that there is often a fair amount of time spent tackling large amounts of dirt that build up between cleans. The classic issue with cleaning is that people hate it. It is bizarre that they do hate it as much as they seem to, and it is what leads to so many households hiring professional cleaners.

A lot of money could be saved if the cleaning was looked at in a different way, and you will no doubt want to hear about how you could make the cleaning less of a hassle, and save yourself some cash on professional services... There is a huge amount to be said for simply upping the regularity with which you clean. You will find that you can get things done a lot more quickly if you are clever about when you do them. It simply takes a little bit of thinking about, which of course involves concerning yourself with the cleaning, which no one wants to do, as it is terribly boring! Have a look through the following guide to reducing the time that you spend cleaning overall.

Time saving is not about polishing your floor with a paint roller to save a few seconds, or anything mad like that; it is about ensuring that the processes that you use are efficient, and that the amount of dirt that you are getting rid of is low, so that things do not take ages. If you think about it, you probably leave the cleaning off for a couple of weeks, if you are a person that likes to do the cleaning all at once. In these cases, the dirt builds up in the regular places, and aside from a couple of wipe downs in the kitchen, you will likely find that it goes untouched. This means that when you come to clean it, there is much time spent actually removing visible dust and dirt. This takes a while, and when you are finished, you end up feeling tired out by the whole thing, which of course leads you to put it off for ages again!

If you clean more regularly then the amount of dirt that builds up is a lot less. This means that dusting the living room is a quick whisk of a duster, rather than scooping dust off the surfaces. In the more regular case, dusting a room should take five to ten minutes, rather than the twenty that involved you struggling with getting the dust off of the cloth and into the bin. If all of your cleaning processes are as short and sweet as this, then there is no reason why you can not simply fit them in around your regular schedule; clean the kitchen down whilst the kettle is boiling.

If you are on the phone for a while, dust the living room. Hoover a room quickly before you make dinner in the evening. If each job takes five to ten minutes, then you should be absolutely fine to get these things done with ease! There is no issues with the cleaning taking up a whole day of your weekend, and after a while you will hardly recognize that you have been cleaning throughout the week, as it just blends in with your normal life! Keeping this up is difficult, so be wary of letting it slip!

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