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Monday, January 27, 2014

Working out a cleaning time table can reduce your workload

When it comes to cleaning, most people with busy schedules will leave most of the housework to the weekend. You will find that this can grate after a while, as the only way to stay on top of the cleaning is to ensure that you do it at least once a week. This can lead to a situation where you are missing half a day or so every weekend, and with the weekend being a time to relax, you will likely start to resent this extra work. Many people opt for a professional cleaner to come during the week, and get the place cleaned whilst they are at work. This can cost a lot however, so it may not be an option that you want to go for, nor one that you can really afford! It has to be said that there is nothing about cleaning that is actually that difficult, it is merely extremely boring and tedious. Thus forth, if you can make the process less dull and ensure that it gets done during the week, then you have a winning cleaning combination on your hands no? The real question is whether that is a realistic thing to be able to do. Will you be able to work out a way to ensure that your cleaning takes less time, and is less boring? It seems too good to be true, so you may need some pointers in the right direction...

For a start, the main reason that you have to spend half a day on the cleaning is because it does not get done regularly enough. Separating the tasks that make up the cleaning of your whole house will be the best way to reduce the overall size of the clean, and make it possible to do it more regularly. Regular cleaning means less build up fo dust and dirt, so the jobs take less time each time you do them. This means that mopping the kitchen floor will become a ten minute job, unless your kitchen is particularly huge. ten minutes is the kind of time that you spend messing about on the computer before you leave for work in the morning, so why not leave all of that stuff until you are at work, and just mop the kitchen once a week, on a wednesday say. Such things are applicable throughout the cleaning of the home; you can do the same with the sweeping, dusting, tidying etcetera. Just divide the jobs up by room or by method and get them done in the small intervals of time that come before and after work, when you would otherwise be watching TV or messing around with something unimportant. This will leave your weekend completely free, for you to be doing all of the relaxing that you need. Thinking about it, would you rather have a solid two days worth of time off where you have enough time to go away somewhere, or really laze about, or would you prefer have those spare twenty minutes in the evening where you watch TV? If you are really concerned about giving this time up in the working day, or you want to make it even quicker,a nd elss boring, then you should look in to audio books or podcasts to listen to when you are cleaning. This will ultimately give you a sense of achieving two things at once, and if you are particularly into the audio book that you listen to whilst cleaning, then you may even look forward to it!

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