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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The wonderful benefits of spring cleaning

We all associate spring with new beginnings, lambs being born, new flower and all of that, but spring cleaning can be a bit of a pain in reality. If you don’t live in a dream land where nature invades the house and helps you clean everything, then you may want some tips on how to make your spring clean a little less of a hassle in amongst your busy life. It is well worth doing a yearly once over, as it will give you a solid foundation on which to base your cleaning on, and it is worth doing it all yourself, so that you know exactly what kind of jobs are necessary in your place, and which ones are the most difficult. In a way, doing a spring clean will show up areas of your house that you never really think to clean, and will expose the effects of this, whether they are terrifying, or actually completely fine.

So, where to start? Begin by dividing up the jobs by room. If you can devote half a day to each room over a couple of weeks then you are doing extremely well, and should get the job done easily. Dividing jobs up means that the spring clean will not take over your whole life, and will seem like less of a hassle. You can divide it up more than that and fit everything around your schedule, but you are more likely to rush things that way, which would not be a good thing, as the job needs to be done thoroughly if at all. If you can spend half a day per room, then you will have time to get everything in that room out of the room and to start from the bones of the room upwards. This means that you can clean the whole floor instead of just around things, and reduce the likelihood of missing anything. Once you have the room mopped, vacuumed and dusted, you can bring in items of furniture, and clean them down, washing the covers of any upholstered items if possible, and giving everything a good once over with the vacuum as well. Fabric freshener will give your upholstery a nicer smell, and will make the room feel fresh. Dusting down hard surfaces, and vacuuming inside drawers with a detachable vacuum cleaner nozzle will save you time, and remove dust that may get on things like clothes.

When you have done this, you may need to vacuum around the place again to ensure that the process of bringing things back in has not brought dust back in to the room, undoing all of your good work. The most missable parts of your house are probably the various storage spaces that you have in the place. These are always neglected as they are not spaces that are inhabited by the residents of the place. It is essential that you clean them down however, as they are often completely full of dust and dirt, which can get on the thing stored in them and find it’s way all over your house, spreading dirt and allergies.

Your spring clean is an essential part of the year, but it need not be a massive pain if you are calm and collected about the whole thing. Dividing the jobs up will mean that you can get everything done without a worry, and before you realize, you’ll be done!

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