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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unblocking a toilet

Possibly the most unpleasant of jobs in the home, toilets get blocked, and when they do it is essential that you alleviate the situation sharply! You will no doubt find that the blockage causes a disgusting smell, and even if not, people may need to use the toilet, especially if it is the only one in your home! When it comes to unblocking a toilet, the first thing that you will probably think to do is to get a plumber out, and whilst that can be a sensible option, you will find that you will be charged a fair bit for the job. Even if you have home cover for things like this, the excess will likely not be worth taking the hit to your claiming premium, and you will end up shelling out a fair chunk. You could be looking at a ninety pound call out, and then another fifty to one hundred quid for the job! On weekends and holidays you can expect to pay double, but simply having the right tools and knowledge can ensure that you are able to get the job done effectively, and without too much trouble or expense! Why waste all that cash when you could be getting the job done yourself?

You will need a simple tool called an Auger, and some old towels that you do not mind getting dirty. If you are able to get an auger, then you will find that learning how to use it effectively will save you a load of cash on plumber call outs. The auger is essentially a piece of pipe that has a telescopically extending cable that can be wound out and back in, to push through blockages whilst also being able to maneuver through bendy pipe work. This tool should only cost you about thirty pounds, and will save you much more than that. It is coated in vinyl surround, so that it does not damage your porcelain at the contact points.

If you are sure that your toilet is blocked because the water level is high in the bowl, then do NOT carry on flushing it. This is why you have the towels, as the water may well rise above the level of the bowl and spill over the top, causing a flood of pretty disgusting water! If you have a blockage, try to clear it using the auger rather than repeatedly flushing the toilet. Place the auger in the bowl, and wind out the cable slowly, until you feel some contact with the blockage. If it is a soft blockage then you will likely feel the cable get stopped gradually, and at this point you will want to apply more pressure, to push through the blockage. If you do not see the water start to drain form the bowl, then you will need to wind in and out, attempting to pull the blockage apart, or pull it completely out of the pipe work. Do not go too fast with the auger, as the cable can double back on itself, causing a knot. Should the cable knot within the toilet pipe system, you will not be getting it out any time soon! You may see the bowl clear of water as you dislodge the blockage somewhat, but this does not mean that you are completely clear! Remove the auger, and see if it has anything on the end. You will need rubber gloves on to remove anything that is! Be careful when flushing after the block is cleared, and keep a hand on the flapper to stop the bowl filling if it is not flushing properly, to avoid over flow. Plumbing & Heating Service Westminster

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