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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleaning Leather

Cleaning leather can be difficult, especially when cleaning suede. Prolong the life of those suede shoes or that jacket by following a few useful tips and ideas. Suede generally has a surface that scratches and scruffs very easily making it hard to clean easily. Suede in particular will get grubby a lot faster than normal leather products. So ensure you clean suede as often as possible to avoid it damaging any further.

Suede is a very durable fabric and is more flexible than normal full grain leather but it stains very easily. From water to ink, stains can be nightmare to remove from suede. To avoid suede stains from water, try to resist wearing suede shoes or clothing during a rainy day if you can help it. Normal full grain leather is much more appropriate for these weather conditions. However a useful tip is that you could invest in a suede protector from your local supermarket to help keep it protected during wet days. You'll find suede becomes a lot darker through water staining as it strips the suede of its oils causing damage.

If your suede jacket for instant, gets soaked during some unexpected rain, try to blot water out of it using a cloth or some paper towels and let it dry off at room temperature. Avoid hand-washing it, as this will make it much worse. You can also seek specialist dry clean help for advice if your item is looking a bit worn.

To make suede soft and flexible again, you could try using a pencil rubber to gently rub the area and restore its original suppleness. Dried stains will be rubbed away but avoid scrubbing as this could deepen the stain and make it worn-in and worse off. You might want to consider purchasing a special suede brush too for stains and marks, as these are very effective for cleaning suede products.

For suede shoes, a little white vinegar mixed with warm water will help absorb any dirt and stains. Dampen the shoes clean and leave to air-dry for best results. As well as the washing machine, avoid putting anything suede in the tumble drier too as this will definitely cause damage to your item(s).

Avoid leaving stains and marks on suede for a long time before seeking help or treating it. If you leave suede (and leather in general) marks for a long time you will notice this will stiffen your suede or leather goods and decrease the original supple and flexible appearance and feel from when you first purchased it. Treat leather and suede finished very gently and elude scrubbing as this will only discolour and darken your goods. Always allow suede and leather to air dry after treating and cleaning. Otherwise again, this will cause discolourment, fading and stiffness.

Particularly for suede shoes, if they are muddy for instance, always wait for the mud to dry before you clean them. Then you can gently brush the mud off for best results. Then you'll have a smooth surface to work from. You might want to protect your leather shoes further by storing them in their original cardboard box and keep them out of sunlight to avoid promoting discolourment and fading. Suede dyes can cause long-term problems and damage your shoes even further so try to avoid using such products and you'll notice the difference without it.

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