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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Deep cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where a lot of mess is created, and if you are an active cook, then that mess will be made almost every day! You will no doubt find that there is a huge amount to be gained from having a decent idea as to how to deep clean the kitchen, as the regular cleaning that people tend to do only really skims the surface, via wiping down the counter tops, and perhaps the stove. Have a look over the following problem areas to ensure that you are getting the whole kitchen cleaned, inside and out!

The oven

The oven is by far the most difficult part of the house to clean if you do not do so regularly. You will find that there is a huge amount to be gained from having it clean as possible however, as you will find that the build up of grease and the like inside will lead to smoky smells emanating from the oven when it is on full blast. You will no doubt find that the best way to ensure that you get the oven cleaned is to cover the inside of it in oven cleaner, and to leave it for a while, perhaps even a few hours, regularly ensuring that all parts of the inside are covered properly. Using a long handled brush will save you from having to bend down and sticking your face in the fumes from the stuff, which is always a help!

The fridge

The fridge is a little like the oven, but much less work! You will need to remove all of Th. Food however, which is a pain. Simply wash the shelves in the sink like they were plates, and they should come out nicely grease free and clean. You will find also that the inside of the fridge can be cleaned easily with surface cleaner or washing up liquid, and the results are pretty easy to get nicely. When you replace the food, ensure that there is no grease or gunk on the packages, as this will only make the fridge sticky again.

The microwave

The microwave can be subjected to all sorts of splashes and dirt from food overheating and bubbling over if it is left in for too long. The art of microwaving things is not something that everyone is that good at, and you will find that cleaning it can mean tackling an array of dried on stains. Try microwaving a bowl of lemon juice and a little hot water for four minutes. When it is done, you should find that the acid in the lemon has degreased the inside of the microwave nicely, and you can simply wipe it clean, leaving a lovely fresh scent!

The shelves

Open shelves, and the insides of cupboards get surprisingly dirty ver time. It is easy to forget that dust can be an issue in the kitchen as well as the rest of the house, as you don’t tend to see it as much. However, the reason that you don’t see it much is because it gets caught high up in the room, in the grease that has settled from the cooking process. This combination results in some seriously tough cleaning, and can be a real pain to get rid of, as you will no doubt find out! Layer the area in degreasing fluid, and wipe it off with a heavy cloth. If it has been left for long enough, you may even need a scraping tool to get the worst up!

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