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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Making sure your cleaning equipment is up to the job

When you are cleaning, it is absolutely essential that you are able to prevent the chance of your tools holding you back in any way. You will find that there is a lot to be said for checking over the things that you use to clean, to ensure that it is all up to scratch before you start the process. If you have issues somewhere down the line in your cleaning equipment, then it is very likely that you will not be getting the job done at a rate that makes sense to you, and this is basically meaning that you are wasting your time. Have a look over the following pointers for the ways in which your cleaning equipment may well be letting you down on the job.

Vacuum cleaner
Your vacuum cleaner will be a big part of the cleaning process, and you will find that it is essential that yours is always in working order, as otherwise you are going to be at risk of spending a lot longer on the job than you might normally have to. The thing about the vacuum cleaner is that it’s effects are sometimes rather subtle, as most dust in the carpet is pretty invisible, so if it is not on full suction, it may not be that obvious as to the issues that it will be causing. You will find that simply cleaning the whole thing out and testing your hand against the bottom will give you a good indication as to its power. However, don’t just put your hand over the attachment, as it may not be completely attached to the bottom end, which could still be suffering a blockage or loss, even if the power is still in place elsewhere.

A mop and bucket needs to be sturdy, and if your mop is looking like it is balding, then you should replace it post haste! You will find also that some buckets have a tendency to warp as they are carried when full of water. This will only spell trouble as you spill it everywhere whilst moving between rooms. Whilst you can’t beat the efficiency of an old school wood and metal mop and bucket, you may well find that a self wringing option could be better for you. Some people even use a flat ended mop that takes cleaning ‘pads’ rather than soapy water. But this can get pretty expensive!

Be sure that the bristles on your broom are all straight and that there is no dirt in there before you begin the cleaning process, as otherwise you simply risk covering the floor in older dirt! Be aware of bristles falling out and getting everywhere as well, it can make sense to brush the broom out before you start!

Plastic dustpans always crack, no matter how well you store them, so have a think about whether it might be time to upgrade to a metal one for sturdiness. You need to ensure that the flat edge of the pan is straight and not likely to allow anything to be swept underneath it, as this will be the opposite of what you are using it for. The brush needs to be solid, and not let anything through, to ensure that you are getting as much as you can on to the pan each time you sweep, and not leaving any of the dust and dirt behind.

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