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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Items That Can Go in the Washing Machine

One of the best inventions for the modern domestic goddess is the washing machine as it can prove to be a thorough and efficient substitute for all of your domestic cleaning material problems. Of course one of things that usually flummoxes these marvels of technology is the average stain. However, washing machines are evolving and they are now coming with all kinds of settings, so you might be able to put your stained items in the washing machine and you can certainly get stain removers that require application pre-machine wash so they work in conjunction with the machine to remove your stain. Depending on your washing machine, you can now put ‘hand wash only’ items in the machine on a ‘hand wash’ setting and not fear that they are going to emerge looking like they would only fit Barbie or like they’ve been mauled by a colony of rats.

However, there are certain items that your will encounter during the average house clean that will happily go into the machine and will save you the time and energy of doing it all by hand or beating the dust out when actually dust and dirt could have both been removed at the press of a button or the turn of a knob – depending on how your machine works.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, you’re right in your assumption that the washing machine won’t necessarily lighten the load apart from the obvious – tea towels, oven mits etc. But did you know that you can usually put your mop head in the machine? Of course, check the label first but you will be surprised at how easy it is to get that mop back to a new condition. After all, it is remarkable that – given a mop is used to make floors cleaner – it can be a very dirty item indeed.

When your house cleaning adventures take you to the living room, you’re in for a real treat. As with above, check the labels first, but if you can strip the cover off anything then you can bung it in the washing machine. Sofa cushions, decorative pillows, curtains it can all go in the washing machine. With curtains you are going to want to iron them unless you have particularly weighty curtains and a particularly blustery day to dry them on. However, everything else will probably be stretched back into place by being replaced over whatever it was covering in the first place and therefore, your soft furnishings will not only look cleaner but will have the added bonus of smelling like a summer’s day! Clean laundry has always been one of my favorite smells.

One of the things that people always forget about when they go to clean the bathroom is that it isn’t just the bath mats and towels that you can throw in the wash – you can actually take down your shower curtain and throw that in the wash too and, let’s face it, the shower curtain is often a nightmare to clean because mildew starts to form in the creases and when you try to wipe it down it moves of its own accord! Therefore, if you just throw it in the washing machine, that particular cleaning problem can become a thing of the past.

Of course, these are just the solutions that apply to home cleaning, you can also throw in many more soft home items that you might have forgotten are machine washable – like slippers and cuddly toys. Feel free to experiment yourself – just make sure you always check the label.

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