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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cleaning The Microwave As Part Of Home Cleaning

Cleaning the microwave is a significant part of home cleaning. The microwave in a person’s home is often used, but it is seldom cleaned. The following are some tips on how to clean a microwave.

Why bother to clean a microwave?
A microwave is like any other part of home cleaning. The problem is if a microwave is not regularly cleaned, it can cause bacteria and germs to grow inside the microwave, which can eventually cause stomach complaints and food poisoning. A microwave should be cleaned at least once or twice a week.

The conventional way to clean a microwave The usual way to clean a microwave is by using a kitchen or a microwave cleaner. Wearing some rubber gloves, spray the kitchen cleaner on the outside of the microwave, before rubbing the dirt away with some kitchen paper. Clean the inside of the microwave thoroughly. Do not spray the kitchen cleaner directly inside the microwave. Instead, take a dish cloth and spray the kitchen cleaner onto that, before using the dish cloth to clean the microwave. From inside the microwave, remove the glass disc from the middle of the microwave, before using some washing up liquid and some water to wash it. Bear in mind that it may take a couple of cleans of the microwave before it is clean.

The unconventional way to clean a microwave
Clean using vinegar and water
This tip is very easy to use. Simply use a bowl which is able to be used in a microwave. Pour one to two cups of water into the bowl, before placing one to tablespoons of vinegar into the bowl. It is probably best to use white vinegar for this task. Placing the bowl in the microwave, try to microwave for around five minutes. Some microwaves are different in relation to the amount of power that they have, for example, some microwaves heat up faster than others. Please adjust the time in relation to how powerful your microwave setting is. Once the timer has gone off, take the bowl out. However, if the microwave is very unclean, leave the bowl inside it for a couple more minutes, as the steam from the bowl will help to dislodge any remaining stains in the microwave. When taking out the bowl, please take care as the bowl will be extremely hot. Take the glass disc out of the microwave and wash it.

Performing the clean using a lemon
This is another simple tip to use in order to clean a microwave. The only items that are required are a lemon, some water and a bowl that can be used in a microwave. Place one cup of water into the bowl. Carefully squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl. Where there are no lemons in the kitchen, lemon juice is a very good alternative. Place five slices of lemon into the bowl. Depending on the power of the microwave, put the bowl in, turn the microwave on and leave for three to five minutes. Once the timer has gone, leave the bowl inside the microwave for at least five minutes, so that some of the steam can remove and dislodge the food stains inside the microwave. After that, take the bowl out of the microwave. From inside the microwave, take the glass disc out and use a dishcloth to wipe any stains or grease away. Taking the dish cloth, gently wipe the inside of the microwave. Any caked on food should now be able to be easily removed.
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