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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to clean the mess after the party

Everyone loves to host a big party and enjoy meeting up with family and friends but for sure no one is excited for cleaning the mess that it might create. Throwing a party is easier but doing the after party cleaning is difficult. May be for this reason a number of people do avoid arranging parties at their place. Most of the times, the parties are arranged on weekends and then after party cleaning completely ruins the holiday. You might get tired after arranging and attending a large party then how come it is possible that you can manage to clean the house as well. This is something that must not be taken lightly and you must plan about the after party cleaning earlier. Otherwise, it will create stress and you will lose the excitement of your party. The parties are definitely arranged to have fun. Taking the stress of after party cleaning, you can ruin this fun. You need to plan the cleaning job in such a way that you can relax in your party and can have fun. Here are few tips and tricks that can be followed to make the after party cleaning simpler. It is not necessary that you have to perform the complete house clean right at the end of the party. Do not stress yourself and divide the cleaning job into chunks. Try to get the things in to their shape and then perform the rest of the cleaning jobs later on. This will make you a bit relaxed and you will be able to clean the house properly. Divide these chunks of cleaning jobs among the family members to make things easier. Always try to do a bit of the cleaning right after the party and then get into the details the next day. The first thing that you need to do as soon as the party ends is to put the wasted food away. The food that is fresh and you need to keep it must be put into the fridge right away. Other food wastes and other food related things like wrappers must be thrown away. After that collect all of the glasses, bottles, cups and plates and keep the clean ones aside and the used ones must be put into the sink. In case of disposable stuff, you can simply throw away the used ones and keep the unused one aside. Wipe off all the tables and other places where you find any kind of food spill so that the stain might not get dried.

You must put all of the used dishes, glasses, cups and plates into the dishwashing sink. Fill it as much as you can so that your kitchen might not look cluttered with the utensils. Try to do the dishing at night as it might create bad odour in your kitchen and can also develop non hygienic conditions. You must take a large plastic bag with you and start gathering the garbage from the party area. All these cleaning jobs are enough to be done right after your party. You can do the rest of the tasks, the very next day. You must begin you next day by vacuuming your entire house. After that you can keep all of the things at their place and organize your home as it was before the party. You must be feeling fresh after having a good sleep and these tasks will not burden you much. Now you only need to mop the kitchen floor making sure that it is completely clean.

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