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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Budget office cleaning – tips and helpful hints

Running a business, no matter how successful, large or small an be very costly, so as a business owner you’re very likely always looking for ways to save on costs and expenditure and to maximise your profit margins! You may have triple insulated windows to save on energy costs and decided to go paperless to avoid spending astronomical amounts on stationary. There’s one way on further reducing your outgoings, which you probably haven’t considered, because it really is a necessity and that’s office cleaning!

Professional cleaners can cost a fortune, particularly if you’ve hired their cleaning services on a regular, daily basis. You may now be shaking your head thinking ‘How can I skimp on cleaning, when it’s so important to my office operations, staff wellbeing and clients?” You’d be right in having these concerns, as they are all valid. But I’m not saying get rid of your cleaning service. I’m simply asking that you entertain the idea of reducing your outgoings when it comes to cleaning contractors. Take a look at your annual budget and how much of that goes towards paying for office cleaning. I’m not talking about the necessary carpet cleaning or window cleaning, but kitchen cleaning and regular dusting. My point is that while you’re employees have not been hired to clean the office, they can each be given a task of keeping their own workstation clean and empty their own dustbins at the end of the each day. This will certainly minimise the amount of time the professional cleaners will need to spend cleaning your office and a result minimise your expenses!

A great idea on how to really cut down the hours spent by a cleaning agency collecting rubbish from different desks and rooms is to have a central bin system… a new method that is really taking off for some companies. Place this bin somewhere out of the way and make it policy that each of your employees, before retiring for the day, empties their own dustbin’s contents into this central bin. You can even do your bit to help save the environment and have a central recycle bin, separating plastics, cartons and paper. With this new method, your professional cleaners won’t be wasting previous time emptying each an every bin throughout the office, but can simply empty the main central bin at the end of their cleaning shift!

If every loyal member of staff is asked to keep their own desk tidy and clean, this means the cleaning agency won’t have to dust desk tops or screens! Give each of your employees some microfiber wipes and let them keep their computer screens sparkling. That way the cleaners can get on with just cleaning telephone handsets and keyboards, as well as vacuuming under desks and behind chairs in those sometimes difficult to reach areas. Once again, they’ll be saving time on cleaning and thus saving you on your cleaning bill! When it comes to kitchen cleaning just ask employees to be responsible for washing up their own mugs and plates and this will limit the amount of time spent by cleaners in the kitchen and save you some hard earned money.

You may be conditioned into thinking that office cleaning in required on a daily basis. This may very well be the case for some businesses, depending on the nature of their trade or service. However if you run an office that rarely sees clients and simply involves staff sitting at their desks for most of the day, then it’s likely you won’t need carpet cleaners every night, but maybe just once a week! Cutting down on the frequency of your upholstery cleaning at the office could save you a fortune in cleaning expenses!

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