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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

After office party cleaning

With Christmas quickly approaching, you’re staff are probably gearing up for the Christmas party and festivities! Every office looks forward to unwinding after a hard year’s work with some tasty nibbles and a glass of champagne just before the holidays! However once the gifts have been handed out and you’ve all had a merry old time, there’s that question of office cleaning! You can if you want call in your professional cleaners to take care of all those dirty cups and party streamers, which is to honest your best bet. However this is probably the busiest time of year for cleaning agencies, which are inundated with office cleaning jobs!

Removing those wine stains from your office carpet may require a call to the carpet cleaners, as you don’t want to be missing out on all the fun by dabbing up spills while everyone else is toasting to yet another year of glorious business!

Get in touch with either your regular cleaning agency or an office cleaning company Bayswater that handles one-off after party cleaning jobs, well before your planned party date! Make sure the company will handle kitchen cleaning and carpet cleaning before booking their services. See that they will take care of washing up glasses, plate etc (although it might be best to use paper plates and plastic cups at your office shindig, which you can then recycle), dust and polish desktops and work stations, clean skirting boards and give your employee bathrooms a good seeing to!

To arrange after party office cleaning, consider whether you want the cleaners to come in straight afterwards, that same night, once everyone has gone home, or if the party is being held on a Friday to get started on the office clean on Saturday. Ensure the cleaning service works over the weekend; to make sure your office is back to its clean self and ready by Monday morning when your staff returns to work.

Domestic cleaning differs rather significantly from office cleaning and when it comes to after event cleaning, the differences are even vaster! For after office party cleaning they’ll probably be a lot more mess than after a regular day at the office. The professionals will need to pay particular attention to any drink spillages or food crushed into the carpet. It’s likely that staff members, while careful won’t be able to avoid accidents and will also be looking to unwind and not consider making a mess! So it will be up to the professional cleaners to make sure the carpet or hardwood floors are given a thorough deep clean!

The kitchen area is sure to be piled high with plates and left over food and drink, so make sure there are enough cleaners able to deal with the scope of tidying and cleaning! After party cleaning services are renowned for their ability to tackle just about any mess, but make sure to outline what your needs will be. For example if you’re ordering food platters in for the party, the cleaners will want to know. Also make sure you inform the cleaners if you intend to use recyclable plates and cups, and whether they are equipped to remove the recyclables from your premises.

Professional after party cleaning is a must for all businesses if you’re to relax and enjoy those Christmas drinks and treat size mince pies! Don’t worry about spending hours cleaning up all the mess. Just concern yourself with hiring a party clean up service well ahead of time and rest assured in the knowledge that your office will be back in working order in just a few hours!

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