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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cleaning the stair carpet is a big challenge

When it comes to home cleaning then carpet cleaning is its one of the vital parts. Most of the people do make use of carpets in their homes. Carpets somehow complete the look of the home. Although having carpets in your homes is easier but cleaning them and maintaining them is not so easy. It takes a lot of efforts to keep your carpets free of dust and dirt. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task and when it comes to stair carpet then it is even much more difficult than cleaning the carpets at other places. Cleaning the stairs carpet is a kind of punishment as the part of carpet at the stairs catches the major part of the dirt from the shoes. It is the part of the house that experiences the major part of the traffic. Almost everyone who enters into the house does make use of the stairs carpet while making way to upstairs. There are high chances that the stairs carpet can become dull and it needs to be brought back to the life by regular cleaning practices.

It is noticed that the color of the stair carpets really gets dull and if it is compared with the other parts of the carpets, particularly with the parts that are not much exposed (underneath the table or behind the bed) then there would be a large difference. It is one of the biggest challenges for the cleaners to bring the carpet back to its original color or near to that. Mostly, the carpets that are used on stair are the ones that largely contain wool which is not an easy material to get cleaned. Such carpets are no doubt a challenge for the cleaners to clean and bring them back to their original condition. In this case, it is required that assistance must be taken from some professional cleaners who know how to do the things. Any inexperienced person can even ruin the carpet and its quality can also be degraded. The inexperienced person can get any kind of the strongest carpet cleaning solution available and get the carpet soaked with it. He can also make use of the hard brush to rub the carpet again and again for improved results. This is really not a good practice and is very dangerous for the carpet quality. It is not necessary that the hardest or the strongest cleaner can prove to be the best one. Wool is a natural fibre and using the strongest cleaner for it can even result in changing it original color so avoid using any kind of product and try to make use of the one which is specially designed for some particular material.

Try to not use much amount of water in these carpets as it takes time to get dry and as a result there can be issues of bad odor. Also, it can cause the carpet to get shrink. Using the hard brush is also a wrong approach as it might damage the fibers of the carpet and your carpet will look really bad. For carpet cleaning, you always have to make wise decisions so as to retain the look and quality of your carpet. It is better that you must call some professional help for the very first time so as to get an idea how to do the things. After that you can manage the things by your own but still once or twice a year you must always get help from the professional cleaners.

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