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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 famous advices for sofa cleaning with leather upholstery

Leather upholstery requires special care to make it longer lasting and more visually pleasing. Leather usually dries and loses texture with time, while if it`s used daily - cracks may appear on the most stained areas. Because of that, you definitely want to take good care of the leather furnishings and coverings in your home, and next are three famous advices for when you have to clean the sofa.

First, prepare the sofa for cleaning and inspect it thoroughly for very persistent and heavy stains. They may need deep cleaning and so some specific treatments that can at least make the final effect close to a new sofa. There are always areas that will look worn and not like new ones, but the most important thing is to clean and sanitize the leather upholstery and to enhance its overall outlook. Let`s begin with a quick homemade detergent for sofa cleaning. Get a small bowl with water, shampoo and soap, and pour the mixture onto the heaviest stains. Then, scrub gently the leather with a clean towel to form a thick paste of dissolved dirt or until a darker foam appears. Leave it on the spot for about a minute or so in order to dissolve the stain even more while penetrating deeper in the pores of the leather. Change the water and clean the towel in the meantime, and wipe off the excess with the clean wet towel. Run another clean towel through the spot, but this time only with water to remove the traces from the degreaser detergent and if needed - repeat the procedure until the stained spot disappears. Yet the best way to deep clean heavily stained and worn leather sofas, is to call a cleaning company Belgravia. The professional cleaners also have special detergents and solutions with pigmentations that can restore shine and texture of the leather, as well as know best how to treat the specific stains in the most appropriate way.

Second, after deep cleaning it, prepare your leather sofa with a longer lasting clean effect. This is one of the easiest and yet important things that should be a permanent part of the cleaning. It comes to a simple protective spray for leather upholstery that can be found in stores, as well as treatment with a microfiber cloth. This special cloth absorbs more water and therefore quantity of the protective spray, while covering equally all the corners and areas of the leathery surface. To prepare your leather sofa with a longer lasting effect, you definitely have to keep it clean too. Don`t let your pets like big dogs and cats to play on the sofa or the chairs, as well as clean it as soon as you see a stain or a dirty area. Don`t expose your leather sofa to direct sunlight, because it enhances the evaporation from the pores and so it enhances the chance of cracking, loss of texture, discoloration, hardness, etc. Apply a deodorizing agent right after the cleaning, especially if you have pets. This solution eliminates the odors from pets and so the chance of microbes, allergens and other unhealthy bacteria. A deodorizing agent is also useful for spraying when you plan a longer vacation or when you`re not in the house for a long time.

Third, polish your leather sofa to enhance its look and even some polishing waxes can make the leather textures look like new. Get a small amount of the paste and scrub it onto all the leather surfaces. Pay more attention to the edges between the seat and the back, as well as under the elbow pads. The already cleaned heavily stained areas should be polished thoroughly as well.

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