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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot water extraction VS dry cleaning methods

The two main types to choose from when buying or renting a new cleaning machine is quite overwhelming. Yet there are plenty of surfaces and objects to clean at home, each with its own unique requirements, eco-friendly fibers or capricious wearing of the colors. By using the quick methods and tricks to make your carpets or rugs lasting longer is not enough when it`s time for the big domestic cleaning, which should take place at least once a year. The basic differences in the wet and dry cleaning are obvious - the use of water. However, each different cleaning system has its own unique advantages and its effect is better for a specific surface. Whether a hot water extraction or steam cleaning of small carpets - you have to know the perfect cleaning method for the upholsteries of all your objects at home. They`re usually mentioned on a small label on the backings, while if you doubting for a specific carpet, for example, you can call a professional cleaning company to deal with the heavy stains and imperfections on the carpets. Or else, if you prefer to clean more frequently the furnishings or the floors - dry cleaning may be a better solution. It`s commonly used for daily or weekly cleaning and it`s not so overwhelming and time consuming as the wet cleaning methods. Next are few other differences and advantages when it comes to hot water extraction vs dry cleaning solutions.

For upholstery of big furniture objects like sofas or chairs, a better opt is a regular cleaning by clean slightly wet towels. This can make the upholstery surfaces longer lasting, while preserving their qualities and making them more visually pleasing in the meantime. It is also essential to clean the sofas on a monthly basis with a sanitizer and deodorizer, especially if you have small kids or pets. The sanitizer agents eliminate the spread of illness due to the bacteria that thrive on upholstery surfaces like small cushions or between the edges of the armrests on the sofa, or between the seat and the back of the chairs, etc. On the other hand, simply vacuuming every day or every week adds more points to the dry cleaning method as the best way for casual upholstery cleaning.

When it comes to leather upholstery - it`s a little bit different. It`s just enough to consult a leather cleaning company of which detergent solution is the most appropriate choice for application as you want to avoid any chance of crackness or lose of texture. The dry cleaning methods via soft towels or duster is a perfect choice when you want to get rid of the bigger dirt particles and dust. For the truly stained areas and spots - apply only clean water onto the surface by rubbing with a soft brush. If the spot is persistent - try with a degreaser and then apply the same procedure with water, brush and towels. After cleaning the leather upholstery with as much dry methods as possible, you can apply a solution with pigments, which help to restore the texture and the overall appearance of the surface.

Carpets and rugs are usually cleaned up with hot water extraction machines. They eliminate all the dirt, sand and pollens, while sanitizing and deodorizing at once. This method is basically like a huge vacuuming machine, but first the hot water is applied and then it`s vacuumed when the dirt is already dissolved. There is also a dry foam carpet cleaning opt, which is perfect for small carpets and rugs, as well as not needed to wait for the surface to dry.

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