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Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Keep Hardwood Floors Beautiful

Hardwood floors are beautiful, everybody knows that, just like they know how hard and effort consuming it is to keep them clean and good looking. Finding the right and most effective way of maintaining the hygiene and good looking of this type of flooring is a really complicated task. But having taken some precautionary measures, you will be one step closer.


Use some protectors for the floor under furniture to avoid any lasting marks or place some small carpets and rugs on the areas where children play and people walk most often. You can also prevent the doors from leaving tracks and scratches on the floor by placing some small mats on both their sides. To avoid water and snow damages during autumn and winter for example you can organize a shoe removal area. Be creative – don’t cover the whole floor, because you would not be able to enjoy its charm, but try to protect the most possibly vulnerable parts of it. Vacuum as often as possible

Vacuuming is your best action, when it comes to hard floor cleaning. If possible, vacuum every day. This way you will not allow dust to reside into the wood and thus limit your chance of having tidy and fresh looking hardwood floors. But do not vacuum with the beater bar attachment, because it can leave scratches over the finish of the floor, use a a floor-brush attachment or an electric broom instead. It will not be a drama if you skip a day, when you are too busy and don’t have enough time for domestic cleaning, but just be sure that your wooden floor is regularly taken care of.

Do not experiment

Vinegar can be used for cleaning may be everything, but no, do not clean your hardwood floors with it, especially if they are covered with polyurethane. Don’t use ammonia too. These substances can easily make the finish looking muddy, if they are not properly used. Painting the floor is also a bad idea – it is very hard to keep it clean or remove it later. So if you are not willing to risk ruining the beautiful floor, please use only detergents of whose result you are sure.

Do not mop

Using wet mop for hard floor cleaning is absolutely wrong. Moist is a real enemy to this kind of floor material and can cause irreversible damages. If you insist on cleaning with a damp mop, keep the moisture really low – hardwood is not laminate, keep this in mind.

Put the best finish

Yearly waxing is the one thing that will really protect the surface of the wood. After this period some small areas, which need to be waxed again, will start drawing your attention. Another option for the hardwood floor’s finish is to use polyurethane. But both ways your floor will stay amazing with the proper care.

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