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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Quickly Clean Your Home

Your house looks like a total heck and you don’t have enough time to clean it? Your friends are coming every second and you don’t want them to witness all that mess? Or maybe they have just left and you need to quickly fix the place before your parents come back? Here are some tips you could use in order to make your house suitable for the eye of the beholder.

You could start with taking a bag and putting inside everything that will hinder your cleaning or could easily be lost – keys, mail, little toys, etc. It could be a shopping bag, it could be a basket – it doesn’t matter, as long it is big enough to carry everything. Put it aside and grab a mop to quickly clean the floors everywhere needed. Shake doormats outside, drop off the bins or hide them somewhere if you don’t have time to go outside. The quick solution for the dishes is putting them in the dishwasher. If you don’t have one, put them in a cupboard for the time. Run a microfiber over the tables and the TV screen. Grab a pair of clean rubber gloves and start picking up fur and hairs from the furniture. For better pickup wet the gloves. Grab an air freshener and spray everywhere (don’t forget to widely open all windows before that). There may be some stains on the coverings so you could think of a way of hiding them if it’s not possible to change them at the moment. When in the bathroom, you should quickly change the hand towels with clean ones, it makes the view much more pleasant. Put everything into the cabinet or drawers and use a paper towel to gather hair and erase spots from the floor. When in your room, shake you keyboard in order for bread crumbs and dust to fall off and wipe them away with something. If there are clothes around, gather them all and put them in a bag and leave it somewhere out of sight or simply tuck them into a drawer. If some of your friends has forgotten anything, you could return it to them later.

These tips are useful if you don’t have enough time to thoroughly clean your place but need a quick solution to the problem with mess. All in all, everything gets even easier if you don’t have a pet, if your friends give you a hand with arranging and if your parents are not the type that will yell at you for not keeping the house spotless. After deceiving the eye, you could go back to regularly cleaning, this time without worrying that your time is ticking away.

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