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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tips for Removing Blood Stains

When it comes to stains, blood stains are one of the hardest to remove. As they are permanent once they set, it is vital to clean them before you wash and dry the piece of clothing, furniture or else. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks for cleaning blood stains which everyone could make use of.

First of all, the way of dealing with the blood stains depends on the type of object that has been stained. Some ways are not perfectly suitable for fabric (clothes), and others – for furniture or for example carpets. If you wish to clean fabric, here are some ways you could do that. If we are talking about satin, you should treat it with care, as it is very delicate. If the blood stain is still fresh, using salt and cold water will perfectly do the trick. If we are talking about removing blood stains from jeans, cold water is again effective for that purpose. With older blood stains you could use the all time salt again, the all time favorite baking soda or ammonia. However, if the blood stain is on silk, you could still use salt and gentle soaps, but be sure never to use ammonia or cleaners with enzymes, as they will damage the delicate fabric. For some types of clothing you could also use toothpaste. Apply some on the spot, let it dry, rinse it with cold water and after that wash with soap and again use cold water to remove the soap.

When we are talking about hardwood floors, as we know they are finished with for example wax. This and other types of finishes (with urethane, polyurethane) protect the wood from different kinds of stains and moisture. However, blood stains could damage floor that have not yet been ‘finished’. There is nothing to worry about as those stains could still be treated with typical household cleaning products. For cleaning carpets, you could rub shampoo or soap directly onto the stain, but don’t use too much, as it will be hard to wash it out later. You may choose to deal with the problem in the following way. Mix a bit of dishwashing detergent with a couple of glasses of cold water; soak a cloth into the solution and rub the stain; brush the place with a toothbrush, but not too hard; absorb with a towel; use a fan to dry the spot and then vacuum the floor.

Many people panic when they see a blood stain, but there is nothing to worry about, as there are a number of easy ways one could deal with the problem. Remember to treat the stains as fast as you could, because it will increase your chances of diminishing them.

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