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The Positive Effects of a Clean Working Environment in Rhode Island Companies

The balance of spending the appropriate money to have your working environment professionally cleaned vs cutting corners on your cleaning budget is an age old battle and with the current economic downturn, is a constant issue in most companies.  Saving money appears easy to justify from the cleaning budget, after all, we can still function when we skip a cleaning or maybe just start rotating between departments.  When you look at the bottom line effect this could have on your workers, you could well lose more money in productivity that you save in cutting those costs.

The fact that a clean working environment always reflects positive energy is a fact that no one can deny.  When your house gets dirty and cluttered it can have a negative impact on your attitude, then you take the time to clean up, throw away the clutter and when you are all done you step back and view that nice clean home with the clean smells and no clutter it gives you a great feeling and gives you more energy to be able to complete other tasks.  The same effect holds true in the work environment.  When you come to work in the morning and the trash has not been emptied from the day before, you have old papers on the break table, and old food left lying around it can defeat your positive energy before you even get started for the day!  Contrast that with a clean environment, free from clutter but also that deep down clean that you can sense,  can pervade a positive atmosphere in the workplace and make the workers feel comfortable with their environment.

The budget process is serious business for Rhode Island companies and should not be taken lightly.  The side effects of decisions made can often have the exact opposite effect than what was intended.  We believe this to be the case when the working environment of workers is not professionally managed correctly.  Keeping a clean environment can be the start of a positive attitude that increases productivity and makes your company more profitable.

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